Love is a Trust Bound

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  1. What is Love?
    Love is trusting your mate,
    Love is being happy with the other's happiness,
    Love is a bound between the couple's souls,
    Love is to share the unshareable,
    Love is seeing the invisible,
    Love is discovering what can't be discovered,
    Love is and always will be the humanity greatest mystery;
    Love is... Simply Love... Simply Complex.

    Happy Valentine's Day (lil late XD)
  2. Thanks, I'm happy that you liked it.
  3. I love the line:' simply love...simply complex' where did you get the idea for that?
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  4. From my own head to be honest. I made all the poem up. I guess I was just inspired at the moment :p

    I hope you liked it, I really do. It makes me so happy to know that you people liked it!
  5. Oh so true indeed :)
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  6. Very nice indeed! :)
    Oh, and it's never too late for a poem about love!
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  7. Thank You! I hope you liked it!
    I guess I just have an inspiration inside me that comes out once in a while... XD
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  8. Great poem!
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  9. Loved your poem! Did you wrote it? Because it is very good! Keep Up The Good Work!
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  10. Great poem man!
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  11. Your poem was very cute.
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  12. Yes I Did. I hope you liked my poem. I always loved to write about the subject, just never had a chance to show it to people... Well... Until now.
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