Lots of Quartz at 13131, Mall Rebuilt and Open

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  1. Hi all, as promised my new mall is now open sorry for the closed down time, some family issues to deal with slowed progress.

    I have added a load of new items to the shop or shops, as the mall is set up in a pod like fashion. Each pod sell all associated items like the nether end shop sell all the blocks found in the nether and end apart from obsidian which is in the stone shop, which sell all stone related blocks.

    Pls feel free to comment, and report any shop errors you find, but I hope you don't find any.

    I hope you enjoy the new layout I have worked hard to make it easy to find items, however if you do have any problems pls let me know.

    Tnx again for supporting /v 13131 smp6 Pod Mall
  2. Awesome to see another great shop open back up :D
  3. Loving the prices, like always! But what's going to happen to the beautiful rose building? I find it a tad disappointing that it's serving no purpose :/
  4. Winter is here and the rose is wilting not quite sure what I will build yet.
  5. A plump bump

    Check out the new Color Shop
  6. Bump for the Mob drop shop
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  7. Just went in there, move flag removed xD
    Hope it wasn't anything personal, lol
  8. it was set like that for everybody
  9. Sorry for any inconvenience, Mall is reopened taking old mall down :)

    Beacons in the utility area, if anyone is having any prob's finding items pls let me know.
  10. 15 DC's of iron - Gem shop
  11. over 4 DC's of quartz blocks, 2 DC's of quartz ore, DC of quarts slabs, over sing chest of steps, almost a DC of Chiselled quartz and the same of quartz pillar.

    So much stock needs a bump
  12. And don't forget the promo items bump