Lost all my voters armor (panic)

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  1. I got blowup in battle. after that i wanted to attach all my voters armor (complete set)
    But its gone !, cannot remeber if i did wear it before. but im sure i never leave without it.
    So where is it ? and how do i get it back ?

    Relog did not fixt the problem.
    Can mod check what happen, or where its stored ?

    panic... :eek::confused::(
  2. Voter's Armor is soulbound and unbreakable,so it can not break or be dropped...
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  3. Ok, thats what i know. then, where is it ? its gone. not on my cherst not in my inventory. checking all chests. but looks its not there to. something happend and MC removed it. Now the question how do i get it back. its so important piece.
  4. Check your vault, Enderchest, your residence, everything. It has to be somewhere. :)
  5. Click any blank spaces to see if the armor is there (start with spaces in the hot bar)
    I have noticed that sometimes it will be in your inventory, however sometimes you just wont 'see' it.
    Let us know what happens!

    **Edit** Do you know for a FACT that you were indeed wearing it?
  6. Clicked all empty boxes in my inventory. no result. checked all chests and the vault i used last days. nothing appears. its just gone. problem is not sure when it happend. i think i lost it the last 48hours.

    FINALY.. found it in the last chest in my outpost, so i where missing it for days ! :oops:
    That explains whhy i got blownup so easy the last time by creepers. :eek:


    ---how did it end in there ? ---

  7. Well, Halloween is near which means Ghostarias is here.
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