Lore of the Empire

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  1. As I slowly delve further into the ancient texts of the Empire, I was intrigued to find verification that the first Tutorial Starter gear did indeed have the Starter Horse with No Soulbound attributes, and that these were not acquired solely through the hidden prizes. This must have occurred for an extremely short period in time, however...

    More Histories of EMC to come in 2018!
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  2. Do you have any info on the old Empire Assistant? Or if there even was one?
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  4. At long last, the release of book V (see above posts) has finally occurred after an inexcusably extended time period... I promise the next will be worked upon sooner...

    Will be available in-game as previous editions have.
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  5. I have to admit this is all well put into detail well done :)
  6. Where is the part about me though? Ya know riding in on my valiant stead into the wastelands slicing the heads of creepers and zombies through the unexplored path? Maybe its true maybe its not =P
  7. Your book on the Starter Items was great and I need to purchase me a set of these to read now!
  8. A Treatise on EMC Starter Gear has been updated with new information into volume 2 in post#8 above.

    The * updates of 2019 10 are set in this font colour for ease of reference.

    The in-game book is available for purchase now at the Starter Gear display on smp6 @ 12039

  9. i hadnt seen this thread before! just read the entire thing lol,

    are you planning to continue the history?
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  10. Oh probably, 2016 is when I joined so I might at least do that year, maybe by the end of the year
  11. As I said, before the end of the year, ...

    Edition number 6 of the EMC Histories has now been completed and added above :)

    Available in-game as all previous editions are.
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  12. Woah, this is a lot of text to catch up on! :eek: Not sure why I haven't read it yet... especially considering that you bumped it multiple times. Oh well! I don't feel like reading too much right now... but hopefully soon! :)
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  13. Woot woot, just read it, cant wait for the 7th!
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  14. To celebrate the start of 2020, I am pleased to add

    Edition number 7 of the EMC Histories to the other volumes above :)

    Available in-game at fine bookstores near you, along with previous editions.
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