Looks like I'm on a forced break

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  1. Pretty sure my video card is shot (ATI Radeon Hd 4800 series.)

    I get some nasty screen issues when I turn my PC on such. Guess it's time to build a new toy
  2. this shows what its doing before it restarts the video card

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  3. Try doing a factory reset on your PC? Or maybe its just the Monitor?
  4. I just reformatted it last week. It's not the monitor cause it keeps telling me the driver is restarted. At least I'm pretty sure it isn't
  5. If you have any other usable monitors, I'd test with one just to make sure. Also, try updating your graphics drivers? That may also be the problem.
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  6. I'll see about a monitor tomorrow. The drivers were up todate I even uninstalled them and reloaded.
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  7. Wow!
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  8. Ohhh that doesnt look good at all, Has there been a driver update lately? Maby thats what causes this. Or they are not updated yet. But that doesnt seem likely :/
  9. Have you had a look at the video card itself yet? You may notice some damage or irregularities on it :)
  10. Wowie, that's crazy
    Good luck getting that fixed
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  11. Yea it's still messed up. It's not the monitor I'm getting error messages about the video card. I'm going to take it out tonight and make sure it's all dust free and not over heating or something similarly stupid
  12. Very christmasy
  13. Best if luck, sucks that it happened though D:
  14. Try using old drivers for it. I can't explain why it occasionally works, but it is worth a try.
  15. Yeah, a dust check is your last hope. Those artifacts on screen are errors the chip is making. Sometimes it can be due to overheating. Most of the time though it is due to a bad capacitor causing irregular voltage to the chip or the chip itself going bad. Also, the flash memory banks go bad a lot which causes the chip to produce errors on screen. Either way, all that adds up to you needing to get a new card.

    Check the card for cracked capacitors or raised tops on the round bits on the board. Aside from that, there really isn't much to do but replace it.
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  16. I was planning on a whole new build next few months but may have to start sooner.
  17. Looks like it's rebuild time.