[Looking] SMP8 Kanto Build

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  1. Hello fellow builders!

    Do you like Pokemon?
    Are you familiar with the simplistic, yet intriguing buildings and landscape that they have in the Pokemon games?
    Do you want to recreate one of the most iconic game regions in history?

    Then you have come to the right place!

    I am looking for a group of people who would be interested in recreating the Kanto Region from Pokemon Leaf Green/ Fire Red with me out in the SMP8 wild!

    I have already scoped out a place 30k blocks out, and I am in the process of making a rail to and from there (Using nether of course)
    But the biggest part is yet to come! If you are interested in completeing this project with me, and making one of the biggest, and most iconic builds on EMC when fill out the form below and I will start getting a group of people together!

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  2. Estimated Build Start Date: October 1st, 2016

    Completed Builds:

    Builds In Progress:

    Builds To Be Started:
    All of it xD (Will give more detailed update shortly)
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  3. Reserved
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  4. Now this is something I would love to do. Count me in! :)
  5. Oooo, Pokecraft! Gotta build it all ;)
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  6. Sounds cool! If you need more people let me know for sure! I am a long time pokemon fan and this sounds fun:)
  7. Has to be replica as to how Wild_Pigdey did their build of Saffron, if such standards can be met, I'm in :)
  8. This sounds awesome, would love to see the results later on. I suck at building tgohu, otherwise I would have helped of course.
  9. I barely know what Pokemon is, but if ya need a hand Cami, holler. I bug you enough man. Turn about and all LOL.
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  10. Exactly! If anyone wants an example visit Wild_Pidgey's res on 8 for an idea of what we are doing. It will be a bit bigger than that just because we can't use teleport signs like they do, but it is the same style
  11. Just a little nudge :)
  12. Not sure how much I can help saying I'm busy, but I'd be happy to something like this.
  13. Sounds epic :D I love pokemon, if you ever need help im always around!
  14. Ooohh sounds great :D

    I'm afraid I'm not of much help here, because I'm not a very good builder. I wish you all good luck though :)
  15. Count me in!
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  16. You're absolutely crazy. That's a really cool ambition and I hope it can happen. I have very limited time for now where I can play, but I'd love to pitch in a bit.

    The thing is, I can't think of how I could've made Saffron City without several of the Town world's features. The teleport signs are the biggest one for sure, but also the message signs, the lack of mobs, the customizable biome, etc. To build not only it, but the entire Kanto region, in the Wild, well, good luck with that. :p

    The other thing is, designing it would've been a lot less clean if I was in a group, in terms of consistency. The Pokémon game, kinda like Minecraft, has a world built on a grid, with tiles. Choosing exactly how big certain things are with Minecraft blocks, which blocks to use for what, and how far apart things will be, in order to best emulate the real game without breaking your own conventions, is a big part of the job. Actually placing all the blocks is more like grunt work.

    Having said all that, I think this could be amazing, and it would be so cool to have it built on a regular server, by its community, not just on a Pixelmon server or a downloadable single-player world.

    +1 to this goal, and I hope I can lend a hand where possible, but regret that I can't devote too much time to it. I'd like to think my Saffron helped to inspire this project, and I'm really happy that people are interested in this sort of thing. Recreations of stuff from other games or movies are some of my favourite things to build in Minecraft.
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  17. I'm excited about this project! Even if I can't help I really want to see this succeed.

    I spent idk how many hours playing the first pokemon game on Gameboy then Gameboy color... so many good memories ^_^

    I'm checking out wild_Pidgey's res as soon as I get on next. If nothing else but for possible inspiration for my next build, since my utopia lot is now empty.
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  18. Bump! Still looking for a few more applications. Projected start date is October 1st. Main post subsection will be updated with this info
  19. Ah, hell, let's do it. I've submitted my application. So long, all of my free time!
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