[Looking] Permanent Derelict Voucher

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  1. Hello Community,

    The Tah Community has made a conclusion to make our stay on EMC permanent. We are interested in trading a couple of promos in exchange for the voucher. PM me if you would like to look at my promos and would be interested in trading.

    -Tah Community
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  2. There's a voucher at 2000, but I don't remember if it's a permanent derelict or a max res upgrade voucher.
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  3. It was a max res upgrade, but has since been sold. There are only supporter and stable/vault vouchers left :p
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  4. someone on smp6 was trying to sell one earlier today i dont remember who
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  5. You want to be derelict forever? Same!
    If you don't get it, you said permanent derelict voucher. Meaning you'd always be derelict. Its actually called permanent derelict protection voucher. kthxbai
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  6. since been sold to meh ^_^ *hehehe*
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  7. i am assuming you can't buy the voucher with money? it is very expensive.
    how much would this be worth with in game currency/things? or something
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  8. About 1.4-2million range, I have many promos so I can make a really good deal.
  9. -BUMP-
    I need this voucher ASAP,
    I have some problems in
    real life to attend to and
    may not be able to come on/vote.
  10. You can ask staff to keep your account from going derelict for like a max of 6 months i think, just pm kryssy
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  11. yes, correct, although it is ment for someone who will not log on for that long.... not log on every week or so...
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  12. Sent you a pm
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  13. The Tah Community? lol
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