Looking for Wither Farm

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  1. Simple as that. Looking for a functional, efficient, wither skeleton farm

    will pay 200k for access
  2. What is a wither farm?
  3. a farm for withers
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  4. :O
  5. Dang I've been looking for the same thing but I've got a feeling that they're pretty exclusive...No one would let anyone in.
  6. I know a nether fortress. They spawn withers.

    Rupees pl0x
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  7. He would need to make a farm out of it himself though, right?
  8. Maybe because they're an unbelievable pain to build lol. but 200k sounds fair for a decent farm.
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  9. They used to be good, now with the spawning all changed they don't spawn as well
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  10. if you give me 200k i could build one for you on smp6 :D
  11. I don't think it's the design that broke. I know of two farms with the exact same design and one of broke while the other still works.
  12. there was a specific date between livepatches aikar implemented, if you visited the farm on that date it broke everything or atleast reduced spawn rates cause the middle code between those is all kerfuffled
  13. Still looking for direct offers.
  14. We where working on one on smp9. I think we stopped since it was too hard.
  15. I make wither farms here for 100k.
  16. Ive been looking for one aswel buddy, Qwerty knows one and allegro, offer allegro 300k and he'll tell you.
  17. How do you make threads