Looking for promo speed and jump horses!

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a 130 speed, or high jump promo horse to buy - not the Valens and Incatitus etc, but the the ones from the iday promo. It would be great if I could find one to buy, because I've been looking for weeks for one with no results! I don't know how much people sell them for, so just comment your price below if you would like to sell me one, or know where I can get one. I really want the 130 speed, but I wouldn't mind others :)
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  3. You know, the high stat horses that were avaliable during the iday promo.
  4. There were no horses given away during the iday promo. As I already said, the only horses given away were the ones I listed.
    Here is a list of every single promo ever given out if you still don't believe me.
  5. There were no horses given out in the I-Day promo. Slash is correct.
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  6. Oh ok, but I thought that during the iday promo there was a limited amount of time where you could get different horses with different stats, like high jump or really fast speed. Lol confused :confused:
  7. ^^^^