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  1. This section of the library is closed. All borrowed books have been returned.

    The SF Library & Bookstore would like some help displaying special EMC books. The following is a list of all special books and which ones I still need. I am not buying these books (I'm just not sure where else to put this thread). Instead, I would like to borrow them for free. Please reply to this thread if you have a book that you'd be willing to let the bookstore borrow. Once you loan me a book, you may contact me to have it returned at any time via in-game PM or forum PM. Please use either one of those methods and not any other methods, as I may not see your message elsewhere. The bookstore is permanent derelict protected, so there's no danger of it suddenly going poof.

    List of Books:
    Empire - Next Steps
    Getting Started - The_Mancub
    New Player Guide
    Second Chance
    Aikar Signature
    Happy New Years from Aikar
    EMC's 6th Birthday!
    Happy 6th Birthday EMC!
    Tales of Eternia - can't actually display this as per Aikar's request, but still looking for one. might put it in the attic as a tease.
    Valentine Signature 2018
    A Visit from St. Nicholas - DrasLeona247
    Book of Colors
    Declaration of Independence - The_Mancub
    Supporter Thank You - Merek_Shadower
    2013 Empire Minecraft CRAFTA Award Winner

    Thank you!

    Edit (since someone asked): If I die, staff has my permission to manually remove the special books from their lecterns to return to the previous owners. This also applies if the owners forum private message me and I do not reply in 72 hours (3 days).
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  2. Still looking for these books. Contribute to a library :D
  3. Thank you to The_Mancub for donating two books :D
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  4. Is there a guarantee in place to return items when you quit emc?
  5. You need to specifically ask for the books back as per the OP. As said in there, you are guaranteed to get your books back if you message me in one of those two ways.
  6. Even if you die? For some this might be important.
  7. O_O uh...

    Edit: If I die, staff has my permission to manually remove the special books from their lecterns and return them to their previous owners as per the list in the OP.
  8. I updated the end note so that owners can get back their books in 3 days if I don't reply to their forum private messages. Those are on email notifications for me, so I should always be replying.
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