Looking for Keyboard Recommendations

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  1. Hello everyone, as you may or may not know my current keyboard, which is approaching it's 10 year mark, is on it's way out and I'm looking to replace it with something a little nicer. I do have some requirements and those are listed below. As of right now, I'm looking at a Logitech G610 but I'm wondering what people would recommend that I get.

    - Mechanical Keyboard
    - [Flexible] Semi-well-known brand
    - Minimum 104 Key ANSI
    - Corded USB, preferably braided exterior
    - [Flexible] Max of $100

    Thank you in advanced for your suggestions :D
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  2. you dont like wireless?
  3. I have the logitech g105 and I love it. I have no clue if this meets your requirements, but for me it is nice.
  4. Cherry. I love & adore Cherry keyboards, they're almost indestructible it seems.

    Funny story: I've had plenty of PC's and ditto keyboards. The last keyboard I really liked & used was one I got with an old Compaq Presario, then things moved around a bit and eventually I build myself a custom PC. Got parts from all across the country and the only thing I didn't think off was my keyboard. I ended up, somewhat by accident, with a Cherry and all this happened around 1988. I smoked back then, lasted a few years, and I quit a few years later. But my keyboard still got the worst of that :)

    Now... Many years later, around 2007, I moved to my current hometown. And it was here when my trusted Cherry eventually died on me :( Which was a rotten shame because I love the touch, the response and the small 'click' it has. I'm very picky with my keyboards, also because I spend a great deal of time behind 'm :)

    So I contacted Cherry themselves and asked them if there was any way for them to sell me one of those keyboards. I didn't want any new & flashy ones, I wanted my old keyboard back.

    It took 'm 6 weeks, and this keyboard wasn't exactly cheap either. I paid approx. E100,- for it (including shipping and all). As it turned out they custom build this older model for me and I still use it today. This thing is already an easy 10 years old and it's still going strong (of course it does help that I no longer smoke).

    Maybe food for thought... Cherry keyboards have always come across me as virtually indestructible.
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  5. I've sworn by wired over wireless for the longest time. The primary reasons are as follows:
    1. No need to replace batteries every time they die
    2. No chance to loose connection between the keyboard and receiver, especially during critical times.
    3. Wireless adds a minute amount of latency, albeit extremely minuscule.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, the Logitech G610 actually uses Cherry MX switches :D
  7. Good points, I'm not a pro of keyboards (I use the build-in laptop keyboard lol) but I wouldn't put 50$ on the logitech keyboard you're looking at.