Looking for ideas how to handle this type of griefing ...

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  1. See attachment / picture ...
    The mantrap was on both sides of the portal, I've closed the other side before making the screenshot.

    This portal is not far away, it is reachable from the town in like 15 seconds.
    Several or even many people go there around.
    This is not the first time that this portal is griefed.
    I've also occasionally seen similar griefing on other public / semi-public places.

    I know about EMC investigator, but it is / was of no use in this case.

    What I do is repair and continue with my business.

    Any other ideas?

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  2. It would be a little expensive I guess, but you could place a few layers of obsidian under the portal?
    Mining it takes quite a bit, so that would discourage people really fast
  3. try to rename some blocks - place them there - if someone breaks the renamed blocks - it's logged...
  4. That's good! :)
    I was hoping that there is a way.
    So, let's rename few blocks.
    Shall it be obsidian or better netherrack?

    I also need good names ... like "griefers doom"?
    Ideas? :)
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  5. I go through the same thing M4nic.

    The public dark room meant for hunting hostiles that I built with a couple of friends back in 2013, which stands in the Main Wilderness Outpost on Smp6 to the north gets griefed... probably everyday or every other day.

    Whether done purposely or accidentally it still happens. I could report the place often (wasting staff's time) and try to catch the real perpetrator, but I find it to be pointless.

    - Point being, griefers suck and until the people of Emc realize that the only way to fix this is to enforce it's rules... it's just gonna keep happening. :(

    What can WE the good people do? Keep tabs on what changes (screenshots help), ask a Mod to look into it possibly (probably more trouble than it's worth), and chuckle about how they can get away but we couldn't if we tried. :rolleyes:
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  6. I hate griefers, such immature people. I got some obby and I will donate half a stack to you miner for this cause. Expect in-game mail in half an hour or so.
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  7. "You're getting banned" :p
  8. Usually if you do /staff and ask one of them to investigate, they can track things like this down pretty quick. We get 2-3 people banned a week from my community farm.

    A single layer of obsidian would prevent someone fresh on the server from breaking the blocks.

    The renamed blocks sound like a great idea also, I'll need to try it.

    You also might want to move your nether portal over a bit to side, up or down so that you're not hanging over such a spot. Nether portals are a bit flexible on coords, especially height wise.

    Griefers are usually suuuuper lazy. 2 layers rack, 2 dirt, 1 wood makes them at least have to swap tools if you don't want to drop a lot of obsidian.

    Griefers are also easily distracted if you want to give them other toys. They will spend much more time trying to break a small iron farm on the surface than they will mess with portal. Anything with water makes them happy. A little chicken coup or something up 2-4 blocks high with water and glass on sides...
  9. ^ That's a great idea!

    Let a staff member know about griefing so we can deal with it. If you don't let us know about it, we can't stop it. It is never a waste of our time to investigate (in fact grief investigations is a large part of our time and we love to dispatch those griefers when we find them). We can't always drop everything and do the investigation and I know that sometimes upsets players but please give us the chance to stop someone else from getting griefed.
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  10. You could have a sign saying 'this area is recorded 24/7' or something, I know its not true but people may be deterred from griefing there. :)
  11. Try not to use named blocks to build things that might be changed by your friends or alts. This would create excessive work for staff to find real greif. I like the "these blocks are logged" approach. Hopefully we can discourage some actions rather than chase after the fact. Stone brick is creeper resistant. Use stone brick in frequently creeper greifed areas to reduce frequency of repairs. Once enough things get paved in stone brick, it's value will drop and hopefully paths will not be much of a target.
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  12. Netherrack, blends in so that they will do it again ( which of course is bad ) but then they shall be discovered, if it stands out then they may be discouraged and go do it elsewhere, if you see what I mean.
    'Jokes on you'? ;)