Looking for Ghast Farm collaborators.

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by thistle_bristled, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. I hate hate hate the price of ghast tears, and want to make some stupidly massive ghast farm in the frontier, probably on SMP2. Though we don't have access to the top of the nether, the gold sifting method should still work, just at a reduced rate. This can either be a private thing (only the builders can use it) or a public facility (sponsored by a whole bunch of people on one server, like SMP8's Sushi Drop), depending on interest. But it's sorta boring doing this sort of thing by myself.

    So I figured I'd poke and see if there's any people who'd be interested in helping build something like this. If you do, reply here or PM me. Thanks!
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  2. Not sure if I have time to help build much but I'd be happy to donate some resources :)
  3. I like the idea, but I also wonder... I think ghast tears go for 40 - 50rupees these days, surely that's not too heavily priced?
  4. At some point, in the future (before ppl start bugging me with "WHEN?!?!?" - I don't know, when I get to it :p), smp8 Public Wild Utilities is going to do a Scream Machine (check youtube for it) out in the nether for ghasts and other mobs. Location location location. Find a giant lava lake. That way you don't have to clear a 96x96 area in the nether.

    For those who are about to start sending me messages on this, shush and go find me that giant lava lake in the nether on smp8! lol :D Worst case, we'll plan an event for sometime next month. Halloween party, come decimate the nether, woot woot!

    Luck on your build, hope that was a bit helpful.
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