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  1. Hey people of the internet. I am looking for some people to help me in a game I am creating called Internet Adventure, It will be a sandbox, survival, fun game and you can craft things in it to, and even fight monsters! I need some talented Game developers to help me with this project, I am doing it in Pygame as of now since I know that the best, and it gets the job done faster. If you are looking to help me with this project please let me know. And we can discuss things like if this game gets out there, how we will split the money and yeah.
    1) At least 5 months of Python Programming. (We are doing this in pygame so you should pygame)
    2) Skype
    3) Active and excited about the project
    4) SOME art skills

    Thats really all so yeah :D
    message me if interested.
  2. I know a game like that. Just can't place the name.
  3. Yes but this will be different not just minecraft. There will be different kinds of items such as guns perhaps, pocket knifes. It wont be all pixely, unless we decide to have it that way. It will have a different theme than minecraft and not just the same things that minecraft has. Minecraft gets boring sometimes dosent it?
  4. Hmm, I could help...
  5. Wait, let me guess! Is it Pokémon?
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  6. Unturned...
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  7. I was thinking Minecraft, but Unturned counts :p
  8. Can anyone help me with some pixel art? Ive done this DefaultMan so far :p Buisnessman.png
  9. Terraria?
  10. I have hardly any art skills, but looking at your screenshots, I think I might still be better than you.
    I won't do this though, because I don't have much confidence in what you'll be able to do, honestly.
    Have you actually made stuff like this before in Pygame?
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  11. Well, I'll be honest. AT the moment I don't know much about it. BUT next month I'll start studing some Programing. Maybe then I could help you.

    Though I would be much better in writting down a story for a game than helping you develop one...
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  12. Thats also great!
    I have made many of my own games, that I havent sold or gaven to anyone because i dont think they would care, But I can make games trust me.
  13. Actulley thats true :p
    Unturned was made by a 16 year old.. Just amazing :D
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  14. So for me to be interested there are a lot of IFs:

    IF you have a unique concept. Unique, meaning, nobody else has done it before, or at least, not in the way you are planning to do it.

    IF your idea is engaging. That means, there's something for players to learn, do, see, explore.

    IF your idea is fun to play. There's challenge, enough to make the player feel challenged, but not enough to frustrate them.

    IF your idea looks good. By this I mean, if an average person watched a video of some aspect of your game, they would want to play it too.

    IF the game is addictive. There's a strong sense of accomplishment, the player is moving up, becoming better, stronger, faster, building things, going places.

    IF you can manage to pull together a working prototype.

    IF that prototype is successful in running properly on the average computer, which is likely slower than yours. (This is why Python is not the most common language for video games.)

    Then, maybe. But up until that point you're just another game developer like any of the others out there.
  15. Could you send me a game of yours? It doesn't necessarily have to be programmed in Python, just something you have made.
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  16. err well some are really stupid but alright
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  17. Your pixel art looks like it could use a little work...
    I'd be more than happy to help you make pixel art for your game, but I don't know Python, so I can't really help with programming the game.
    I slapped together a quick 5 minute 32x32 character based off of yours to show you kind of what I can do. (With an oversized head, because I think that looks good, for what ever reason)
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  18. Could you be a little more specific? I am guessing this is the game you were posting about a while ago. What will be the big gameplay element that the game focuses on. Will it be mostly platforming, combat, puzzles... I would recommend choosing one of those for your game to focus at and excel at. Also, some unique feature to differentiate your game would be needed. From what I understand, it is all about memes and internet things. The big problem I see is that memes and most things on the internet are squares and a game where every sprite is a perfect square can become a little dull. Whit that in mind, how will you put life into the assorted internet things. This isn't meant to insult the game but to get some ideas flowing as to how the game will work.
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  19. Well someone put my work to shame lol, your hired I guess because I am not an artist as you can see...
    Well the thing is since I mentioned memes as just one aspect of the game, everyone thinks that that's basicly what the game is all about. I want to make it so you can have things such as skills and maybe craft items as well, but with an Internet kind of way, like have illuminati necklaces as a mans upgrade or whatever.