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  1. This is a cathartic thread, so don't feel obligated to answere, I just want to express my frustration and then go back to play.

    I had just been robbed, well, maybe I've been robbed a while ago, and just noticed, but the fact remains that I've been robbed. I build my base over 50,000 blocks away from spawn, thinking any ill intentioned people would not make the long travel just to annoy, but someone came anyway, break a bunch of easily replaced blocks, about a dozen not-so-easiy to replace ones, and a mostly irreplaceable spider spawner in queue to be turned into a grinder. Then whoever roamed my base found my still-in-progress storage room, and took things to his heath content, and either he made several trips, there were many people or he didn't steal, but just pull out of chests and leave out to despawn, because he took several inventories full of stuff. Of all the stolen what pains me the most are my almost 9 stacks of iron ore, my almost 5 stacks or redstone ore, my 2 stacks of obsidian, my 10 stacks of slime balls, my 25 stacks of ice and my 12 lava buckets. (All quantities are estimates, and grief is probably making me exaggerate). Luckily I had enough rupees to lock the most important chests.

    I don't expect to recover my stuff, but what really irks me is that whoever did this will not be punished for it (perhaps he/she/it will steal again, be caught and banned, but that punishment will not be for what he/she/it did to me), and that he/she/it can return to continue stealing and destroying without much risk of punishment, since only I could ever catch him/her/it, and I'm offline more often than not.

    Well, I guess all that will be fixed once I have some dragon eggs to protect my base, I just hope that update comes before my base suffers more damage.

    And that's all. They say you'll feel better after expressing what's bothering you, unfortunately I don't feel much better than before. I guess next I'll try the "time heals all wounds" strategy, to see if that works.
  2. wow, that sucks... who would walk out that far just to do that?
  3. Some people just…want to ruin fun for everyone else,

    That sucks. I understand the pain of being robbed. I'm constantly robbed in my home at the LLO. When I first got there, I lost a stack of diamonds within about an hour of not being on. You've got to just keep going. Don't quit. No matter how hard they may try to push you down, you get back up, and work at it again. You may not be able to recover the materials lost, but you've become stronger.
    Looters and griefers can do all they want, but we CAN stop them. As I've stated above, don't quit. Most of them expect you to just pick up, and move away. The best way to recover, as I know it. Hope you do alright in the future!

    -Pen out.
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  4. I can give you ice, and probably your lava buckets. Maybe someone with an iron farm can help you out there. At one time Sopby had a fund in place for someone such as yourself.
  5. The staff can check location logs in that area. They did for when Slime Town was being griefed in Utopia. Other than that, you can check who is advertising these items at a sale because that's why most players grief because then they sell those objects in a chest.
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  6. For a someone to bother you 50,000 blocks out tells me it is either an opportunist thief who was passing (I doubt as why do excessive damage) or a dedicated griefer who very likely used illegal mods to venture out so far. Our senior staff are very successful in catching those who use these illegal mods so they will likely be caught and banned that way.

    If you want to send me a PM with locations of chests, spawners and the hole they made as well as the names of those who are part of your community so I don't accidentally accuse them. I don't know if there will be much I can achieve do but I can at least take a look.
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  7. That sucks. Do you have 1,000r? If so, I would suggest locking a chest.
  8. I have been out to Yamanqui's base and was able to track the griefer and banned them. It does appear to be an opportunist at work as it appears they stumbled onto your nether portal. They appear to have made a few journeys via the nether. Currently your rail nether portal is deactivated on the wild side (I couldn't find it in your base) and is just porting you to a random portal floating above some ocean.

    p.s. Your base is quite impressive especially the chest room.
  9. Yamanqui, i would love to see pics of your base if thats okay:)..Im in need for ideas for the bases im planing to build
  10. Wow, thank you very much, I really didn't expected that to be possible, since I had no evidence whatsoever. I also must make a public apology, since I accused (to a mod in PM) an innocent player who must be only visiting my base, since he isn't banned, then he wasn't the grifter (luckily I followed the rules and never mentioned his name in public).

    Thanks, here are some pics of the storage room.

    2012-11-06_10.21.22.png 2012-11-06_10.22.06.png
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  11. Bigdavie. You da best! :D
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  12. Illegal mods being used by a griefer most likely, or it was a thief who was just passing by. I reccomend using this:
    Although it's not entirely accurate, and uses data from the live-map so people who have done a /dynmap hide won't be detected, it should help you rule out who did this to you.
    I hope you find this greifer.

    Also, why is the title of this thread emotional support? Emotional support is for the depressed and traumatized, not the stolen (however you can become depressed and/or traumatized from being stolen :p)
  13. Dang sick storage. Makes me wanna remodel some of my chest rooms
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  14. Very, very nice storage rooms!!! Your an amazing builder:)