[LOOKING FOR] Command Block Knowledge

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  1. I'm working on an adventure map, and I need someone who has good command block skills.
    Some things I want to incorporate with command blocks:
    • Chests/Hoppers opening when right-clicking an item
    • A scoreboard that deducts things when you right click an item
    • Getting buffs by (you guessed it) right-clicking an item
    • Getting debuffs when going into a certain area at a certain time.
    • Messages in chat
    Please post on this thread if you are interested, and I will PM you with more info.
  2. Is this adventure map on an EMC residence? If so, command blocks do not exist in EMC. If it isn't on a residence, then I cannot help you because I cannot do command blocks myself :p
  3. Right-clicking what item?
  4. Not positive one the first one. One of the only items right click detectable is a carrot on a stick...However left click detect does exist and is extremely easy! Then for 4 doing a simple little testfor command that tests for the player being in a certain radius connected to another command block through a comparator that has a /effect command. And #5 is EASY! To get colored messages/signs go here http://minecraftjson.com/
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  5. Of course it's not on EMC! The plans I have for this map would definitely require creative mode.
    Left clicking would work just as well, as the whole play through would be in adventure mode.
    Dyes, gold and iron. But, I can do left-clicking too.
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  6. Not sure if I'm interested and if I am a fair disclaimer: I don't have much playtime this month and EMC sits at the top of my leisure list.

    But I do wonder if, depending on what you're trying to do, a server-sided plugin might not be a better idea here. I think your main problem is triggering the commandblock.
  7. I'm planning to build this on a single-player world, so I don't see how a server-side plugin would work. The idea is that you click a certain item, it does a certain thing. If you right click a different item, it does a different thing.
  8. Very nice, seanawesome!
    You beat me to it, and I don't mind at all :p

    I really don't think a plugin would be applicable here, as it's probably going to be a single player map.
  9. Glad to know I could help! Will you be posting the download link to this forum? I'd LOVE to play it!
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  10. Thanks! And lol gg!
  11. Use /say [message] to make chat messages
  12. If you make a single-player version, shoot me a PM and I'll make a server version. I'll do it in Skript (or Java if I bother to get better at it).
  13. If someone is interested in helping me with the left-click detectors, that'd be great.
  14. Does that video not give a clear explanation? If not I'm sure you may be able to find a schematic via the magic that is Google! :)
  15. Wow, you guys have far better knowledge of command blocks then I do. All I know what to do with them is to spawn mobs, give me buffs and create custom items.
  16. I found a very well explained design for a right-click detector here, link provided for anyone else who would like to take a look.
  17. I can help! I spend most of my time using command blocks anyway, not actually playing with others.

    Also, I could do it 100% Vanilla.
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