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  1. so I have tried many times to get this right but I cant do it. I have a res on smp5 that I want this on. I have the circle and all the supplies already and I don't need any of the landscaping just the build.

    if you think that you can do it, have the skill to do it and can make it look amazing let me know.

    I will be paying 50000r + a gold supporter voucher for this job when it is finished. so it needs to be good.

    thanks for reading
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  2. I can give two stable vouchers too
  3. Do you have any close up shots?

    How did you want the interior? Empty or with floors? Would the lobby be down or up?

    You can check my builds on utopia, smp7 and smp2. Just do V +kev. Examples of m y work. I could be able to help you out
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  4. I don't have any other shots of it and really the only part that needs doing is the stone slab parts. I can do everything else. that is why I think this is such a good deal.

  5. I like your builds they are nice but it really isn't the style that this needs. your builds are all straight lines and these are curved.
  6. Screenshots from other angles, in case it helps anyone

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  7. I have been looking for those and couldn't find any
  8. Where is the original?

    If you were to get Schematica you could recreate this on emc easily :)
  9. I don't really have time at the moment, and never have time to make it in survival, but, if you send me a world download of the terrain it needs to be in, I can send you a worlddownload with this thing/something like this in a little more than a week (I don't really understand what you want compleatly from your post, but we can clear that up). All you'd have to do is schematica it on place :p
    My (for more than a year out-dated) portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/JxlGD

    Send me a PM on the forums if you're interested :p
  10. the res I am wanting it on is on smp5 /v 10066. I have the circle part built already it is 16 blocks in diameter. there is a 32x32 space of land to build on that is totally flat. the circle was built with the plotz website and is 15 blocks from the ground.

    I hope that clears things up. you can also come look at the plot it is the middle part
  11. i can do this... do you have the world that you could send me for reference?

  12. I do not have the world.
  13. Do you have a link from the original build?
  14. all I have is the pictures
  15. I feel as though I got close:
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  16. Wow, that's impressive. But then again, this is just my opinion, and I'm an unskilled builder who can't even build a good-looking house for myself XD.
  17. I am going to attempt to build this. Will update progress after I get home and get to work.
  18. Small update: The sphere is not a perfect geometric sphere, but is 31 by 31. The supports are 5 wide and slope up at a 45 degree angle. and are a 5 wide diagonal. I believe these are actually graph-able as a rational function on the 3D plane.

    EDIT: that function was garbage and didn't work. Removed it
  19. Update 2: It is not a sphere. It is a 29x(unknown height)x29 ellipsoid. Most likely a 29x30x29

    I also have all 4 supports done.

    EDIT: dimension clarity