Look to Buy Literally ANY promo/custom item that i dont have

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  1. Bump and this is the 101th post
  2. The first Wand was for June 2014's 'Summer' Building Contest and it uses a blue title with silver lore. It was awarded to the first place winner, DeadlyAdmin.

    This Item no longer exists. I forceclaimed the res it was on and back then when you forceclaimed the res items were popped out of their frames, it was then turned over to admins
  3. uhhh than why is it in your museum?....
  4. oh it is? it may have been one of the other contest reward items, I couldn't exactly remember which, maybe one of the original writing contests?
  5. lol it was this one Empire Cartoonist's Sketchbook
  6. i can say with 99% certainty that the ones labled in green still exist
    Rose Bouquet
    Aikar Head Banner Contest 1st Place
    Aikar signature Banner Contest 2nd place
    Community Defender
    Community Defender certificate
    Artisans Palette 2014 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2014 Holiday Card
    Artisans Palette 2015 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2016 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2018 Wall paper
    CRAFTA Book
    CRAFTA Apple
    Authors Manuscript 2015
    Authors Manuscript 2018
    Cartoonists Sketchbook 2014
    Carvers Pumpkin 2017
    Carvers Pumpkin 2018
    Empire games Iron Medal
    Empire games gold Medal
    Empire games diamond Medal
    Empire Games Honorary medal
    Mechanics Voltmeter 2015
    Photographers Lens 2018
    Poets Quill 2014
    Empire Sculptors Block 2015
    ICC Cows Canvas
    Sculpting Sand 2018
    Spooky Pumpkin
    Builders Lightsaber 2015
    Builders Wand haunted House 2014
    Builders Wand Summer 2014
    Builders Wand Secret Garden 2015
    Builders Wand Leprechaun 2015
    Builders Wand Snowglobe 2016
    Builders Wand Whats for dinner 2018
  7. How sure are you about this? if you have any pictures etc that would be appreciated
  8. 100% it's the sketch book, found the conversation I had with the admin about it, unless they kept it (which seems odd cause they're an admin) it's gone.