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  1. Hi, im looking to buy/trade for any of these items :)

    White Point star
    EMCCon ICC head
    Arena Blade
    Arena Longbow
    Sword of Udder justice
    Empire Armor (helmet)
    Empire Armor (boots)
    Super Aikar PvP Head
    Krysyyjane9191 PvP Head
    Yellow Krysyyjane Head
    Original Dragon Egg

    Unofficial and unconfirmed to exist items
    Rudolph Donkey
    Incitatus Donkey
    Saltar Donkey
    Valens Donkey
    Maxarian Head (old skin from vault bug)
    Gold Supporter Gift (Community Manager)
    Diamond Supporter Gift (Community Manager)
    The Autograph (book by Maxarias)
    Hamstar Egg
    Gibsons - Aikar Signature
    Stack of 17-64 snowballs (prefer 64)
    Enchanted Bloody shoes
    (item removed by request)

    Rose Bouquet
    Aikar Head Banner Contest 1st Place
    Aikar signature Banner Contest 2nd place
    Community Defender
    Community Defender certificate
    Artisans Palette 2014 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2014 Holiday Card
    Artisans Palette 2015 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2016 Wall paper
    Artisans Palette 2018 Wall paper
    CRAFTA Book
    CRAFTA Apple
    Authors Manuscript 2015
    Authors Manuscript 2018
    Carvers Pumpkin 2017
    Carvers Pumpkin 2018
    Empire games Iron Medal
    Empire games gold Medal
    Empire games diamond Medal
    Empire Games Honorary medal
    Mechanics Voltmeter 2015
    Photographers Lens 2018
    Poets Quill 2014
    Empire Sculptors Block 2015
    ICC Cows Canvas
    Sculpting Sand 2018
    Spooky Pumpkin
    Builders Lightsaber 2015
    Builders Wand haunted House 2014
    Builders Wand Summer 2014
    Builders Wand Secret Garden 2015
    Builders Wand Leprechaun 2015
    Builders Wand Snowglobe 2016

    Redstone Voters Block
    Emerald Voters Block
    Gold Voters Block
    Iron Voters Block
    Gold Supporter Gift (ICC/Max)
    Diamond Supporter Gift (ICC/Max)
    Witches Gem Tier 2
    Enraged Guardian Egg (with lore)
    Enraged Zombie Egg (with lore)
    Enraged Netherhound egg (with lore)
    Getting Started (soulbound)
    Empre - Next steps
    Full Durability Holloween Town Armor Orange and Black
    Sarah Janes Warpstar
    Love Potion no. 9 (unenchanted version)
    EMC Treasure Voucher
    Horse ManEwwEr
    Empire Armor (pants)
    Treasure Slip
    Missing Texture Birch leaf
    Missing Texture Spruce leaf
    Aikar PvP Head
    2014 Purple Krysyyjane head
    ICC Suit
    Purple People Party Paper
    A Piece of a Pyramid
    Diamond Refferal block of Clickyness
    Missing Texture Jungle leaf
    Starter horse (not soulbond)
    Witches Gem Tier 3
    Valentines Gift (Less Lore)
    Stack of 64 Cake
    Strong Venom
    Venom Extended
    Builders Wand Whats for dinner 2018
    Max Res Upgrade
    Steel Helmet
    Steel Pants
    Iron Supporter Gift (ICC/Max)
    Steel Boots
    Steel Chestplate
    Permanent Derelict Protection
    Witches gem tier 4
    Used Valens
    Used saltar
    Used Incitatus
    Dirt Destroying Ticking tock non soulbound
    Strong Venom Extended

    Arena Blade Green no edition
    Cartoonists Sketchbook 2014
    Turkey Slicer without Final
  2. Hey, I'd say to ask Villager about my Sword of Justice and his Villager Meat, both custom promos
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  3. uh arent those just anvil renamed?
  4. I think he means as custom items like rare items that aren’t claimed through /promo like idk uhm Tvirus vaccine type of thing or icc eggnog
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  5. I thought you meant anvil named for some reason my bad XD
  6. well no, custom items can mean anything from reindeer promos to presidental pens to icc eggnog to zombie virus
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  7. How are we meant to know what ones you don't have and what ones you do? you are better off making a list of the ones you are looking for and don't have.
  8. on this thread im not looking for anything specific just anything i dont have, which might be something i dont know exists so that makes it hard to List :p

    i guess i could list what i have already but that would take ages lol
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  9. I think what jewel_king is looking for are super rare items, ones that perhaps were named improperly, derivations of items such as wrong typical color and one of a kind items etc.

    Examples of these are like the 2013 cake, the 4th of July Empire Firework 2014 (green text), perhaps the impossiball or other one of a kinds.
  10. Bump added some of the items im looking for
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  11. bump! buying alot of items here!
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  12. I have promos but they might not be what your looking for there at /v thefriedmans on utopia stand on the pressure plate and fly over to the end stone

    You can have a look if there is any you would want
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  13. thanks for trying but unfortunetly none of these are ones im looking for
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  14. Bump, really? lol theres like 65 items here people
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  15. These ones?
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  16. Yes, Are you selling these?
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  17. Yes
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  18. 100k for the 2?
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  19. Sounds alright to me.
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