Look at What I Found!

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  1. I found this little guy in my Chemistry class earlier today (Yes, that is a black widow. The color quality is just kind of poor). The funny part was, my teacher had to leave the room because he was too afraid to do anything about it.
  2. Your teacher left the room!?? Tell him to man up!
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  3. Kill it with fire....
  4. nope. nope nope nope.
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  5. I really didn't need to see that as I'm going to bed...
  6. Come on guys!! In Iraq they have camel spiders!! Those things are the size of a dinner plate
  7. The teacher probably shouldn't have left, but, well, I would've too. :p

    I cannot stand spiders or snakes, even the little ones. I found a 6-inch long snake a few months ago and ran away screaming like a little girl. :eek:
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  8. If I that thing is in my house, and I've got kids and a wife, they're his kids and wife now. I'm moving away from earth.
  9. I'm good with like snakes and other crap, but id apperate to Neptune to get away from THAT (yes, i used harry potter humor and i'm proud)
  10. Funny... that's exactly how some relatives who lived in a desert area got rid of black widows in their house. :p

    Personally, I'm quite fond of snakes, frogs, and all manners of beasties, but if I came across anything that poisonous, I would suddenly become paranoid while in that area. :p
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  11. Doesn't scare me xD
  12. Looks like a false widow to me. Nothing to worry about but still... spiders, ew.
  13. I did a little research, and the spider I'm seeing more closely resembles black widows than false widows. The hourglass shape on the spider in my picture was actually a brighter red than that, but I didn't get a photo with good color quality.
  14. I just figured because it's indoors it wouldn't be a black widow. Black widows like their soil.
  15. It is a beaut!! The ones that stay outdoors actually have a blue/black sheen to them...paired with the red hourglass they are stunning. Not saying I want to share the same space as they do...but they do serve a purpose in nature.
  16. One word... Only one word... Napalm
    giphy (1).gif
  17. B
    Black widows will occupy a building, specially if it is dirty and not cleaned regularly, usually nesting in areas that are dark. Here in Texas it is quite common to fond them in attics, basements, and dark closets.
  18. Did u at least take 2 ply magazine and kill it =P
  19. I might be wrong. Just, looking at descriptions and pictures, it seems more likely to be a black widow.
  20. Don't any of you guys know your classics? ;)

    There is, of course, only one probable cause of action: Nuke the entire school from orbit, it's the only way to be sure :D

    They may even manage to get rid of any aliens which might be hiding in the ceilings :)
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