Login problems again?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by JabrZer0, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Looks like something is going on :p I'm getting the "Disconnected by server, join free for instant access" thing. Anyone else getting this, or is it just me?
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  2. I'm getting it too. I get a damn bad ping too :/.
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  3. Same server 4
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  4. i am, it disapoints me!
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  5. I'm seeing multiple SMP's go up and down right now. Not just you.
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  6. happenin' to me too
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  7. yup... AGAIN!!! there is 0 people on SMP4 right now. but i see SMP7 has like 20. maybe it hasnt affected them yet? i noticed it says "yendred01 has left the game" and not the usual log off thing.
  8. Am getting all kinds of weird errors.

    Can't even do /r
  9. Yep, me too the Live map shows none is on, or just only some but lagged out badly :/ But I never seen this before of Join free for instant access... code: bunch of letters and numbers :confused:
  10. Yep, I'm disconnected from SMP1, and I just found big cave while mining :p
  11. sit tight guys it'll be back up and running soon enough :) watch some youtube or even, dare i say it, go outside! for a little while :)
  12. Time to find a new texture pack! I'm getting that too.
  13. Gah; not again.

    Why does this keep happening?
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  14. SMP9 is messed up. I have Utopia and SMP9 on my server list and they're both down. My sister is somehow still in game and says people are saying lines twice and losing health in their own residences. :confused:
  15. GAHHH. last time this happened it was like 30 mins to get fixed... idk if i can wait that long!!!! IM SO ADDICTED!!!
  16. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO now im getting spam emails from this dang thread!!!!
  17. This sounds like one particular server: the one that handles utopia and inter-server stuff. That'd explain why /r doesn't work and why it doesn't seem to know that people are on the whitelist. Well, I guess now we wait and go outside. Or draw, write, sing, call up a friend, cook, fly, etc.
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  18. Here's another =) tag your it
  19. utopia is completely down ;( the others have a like 40 second ping.
  20. idk if i can live like this... its facebook all over again 0.0