locked chests!

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  1. If I have a single locked chest, and I add another chest, to make it a double chest later in game, is the entire chest locked or is it vulnerable to an intruder?
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  2. I am 80% certain that it will be locked, so just go ahead. But I really like your thinking, and will double check. Untill further notice you can consider my post as correct. Well... for 80% that is :)
  3. Shell isn't 100% about something to do with locked chests? :eek:

    But yeah pretty sure that if you add another chest to a single locked chest the entire thing will be protected.
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  4. its locked. 100%
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  5. Here's the deal: I don't pretend to know something if I actually don't. That's just not me, esp. not on a Saturday evening with Salami & orange juice :) I was fairly certain though, and correct :) In the mean time I can also confirm Skare up there, I just tried as well. And I also added this to my "optional todo list"; maybe I can add this info to the wiki somehow (but no promises, and most certainly not any time soon!).
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  6. Thank you for your timely answers. Each one of you was very helpful and I do appreciate it very much. Have a great day and stay positive. :)
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