Locked chest questions

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  1. Not sure this is in the right section.

    Two questions concerning locked chests:

    1- how to ass a player who's name is longer than one line on a sign

    2- is there a way to give more than 3 players access to the same locked chest? Maybe with an access sign next to the lock sign?
  2. I don't think you can at this time. Last time I had this problem (in town) I ended up adding the player to its own group, and then using that. Obviously this won't work in the frontier.

    Make it a double chest, then add the second lock sign on the other end of it. But yeah; you are eventually confined to 6 players maximum. This is also one of the reasons why permission groups are so invaluable in town.

    Hope this can still help you out a little.
  3. My old name actually used to be longer than one sign. When your typing the players name csrry ok even when the letters arent visible, the sign still reads that they're there :)
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  4. If the player's name is too long, just put on all that fits, I think they then still work. :)
  5. I can confirm this;
    from my past, my original username ( Byeforeverthe2nd ) was too long, but I could still be assigned to a Lock Sign.
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