LLO 2.0 on smp9

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 555NY, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. It would be of the same ideas as the LLO of smp7, but with a few changes, there will be roads, and will have multiple villages with separate town halls, anyone interested?
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  2. Now get 300 sites of comments :rolleyes:
  3. What?
  4. why not?
  5. Why do you want another LLO?
  6. I think it needs to be more organized, and why not build it on another server
  7. then, organize it, and then build another. :)
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  8. now now, don't discourage him :)

    It's good to start new outposts, but I recommend choosing a location that is at least 5k away from all of the outposts so you can be relatively safe for the wilderness updates.

    As for the "no" responses, they aren't needed guys, but 555 I think the main thing they are reacting on is re-using the name LLO. Might be best to come up with a new name for your outpost.
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  9. Aikar your Senior Staff now? What the poop?:)

    Sweet! Congrads!
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  10. I didnt mean for it to be another LLO, i just compared it to something that everyone is familiar with and understands
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  11. Eh, I'm in too many outposts to join this one. And the LLO has roads!
  12. Lol it's all good That want make a new community prolly change name so some members get mad :), we have paths and railways but are "roads" are control chaos if you can say :D. If got Qs about wild community just pm me ;)
  13. The more the merrier! and a nice city grid street system would be a wonderful way to start a new city! Maybe you should make announcements in town chat on different servers, I know a lot of players, esp new ones dont read the forums.

    Just be friendly and encouraging to all and you will get people to come build in your wild town. If you build it, they will come....good players and griefers alike!
  14. I'd love the idea, i even help!
  15. perhaps i can destroy this one too

    personnel, i think it should be on smp7, a long ways form the original llo. 10-15 kilometers

    I you need help whit planing/ infrastructural work contact me
  16. I reported you. You made un-approved changes to everybody's builds, took up a huge block in downtown and now you're saying 'maybe I can destroy this one too'.

    Sorry, but i've officially labeled you as a griefer.
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  17. I know you meant it as i joke, but considering the argument on the other thread,
    this could be considered as being one of the worst and dumbest replies EVER!