~~~Living up EMC the Retired Way~~~

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  1. Well, I sold over half of my stuff, I still have to auction off a few and finish a few deals. But for now I think I will head off into the wilderness, with a pick in hand a fishing rod on my back I will be living Minecraft the Retired Way. I will still have an alt in town in case anyone needs my help. I will never ask anyone to come out to my (soon to be built) cabin, and my dreams of building something amazing never came true. You all are my friends, and I wish you happy days, for the rest of my MC life. P.s I reached my goal of 1 Million Rupees!!!
  2. ..... Bad Idea....
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  3. your alt is snowspecter, i assume?
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  4. Why do you think that?
  5. I wish you the best, I hope you have great time living the retired way!
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  6. May I ask about the future of Stoneguard?
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  7. and also can i come with you?
    but i need information on wich server first ;)
    Hope that you find some good momentuses and marlixes.
    hopefully you will not have a grave when you find one. Lol
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  8. Your assumption is correct, I hop on his forum account daily so if you really just want to avoid confusion PM him :p
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  9. I've decided to live in one of my old outposts. :) I'll probably keep you guys updated daily on my routines :p
  10. Bad Idea? How? It is just regular minecraft.. It his choice.
  11. Thanks for the awesome support guys :)
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  12. Well tbh I did try that once and was griefed in large proportions and the staff said they couldn't do anything about it but I was really close to spawn and was making the houses for anybody to use.
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  13. I've had this outpost for over a year (since 4/6/2013) and have had 1 grief I think. but that was taken care of easily :)
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  14. Long, lonely journeys are one of the most relaxing things to do on this server. I wish you luck in your new career as a hermit!
  15. I've even changed my skin accordingly :)
  16. This is epic, I hope you have a great time at your outpost :D
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  17. Thank you I plan on doing tons, I've been neglecting it for a while then, I still have a HUGE project after it :p so plenty to do :)
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  18. Does that mean you're retiring in Stoneguard? That would be awesome to have an old hermit out there yelling "Get off mah lawn!" and brandishing a shovel. ;)
  19. axe*

    and yeah I plan on cleaning/finishing up stuff there before moving on to project numero dos

    First Task: Finish up that castle!
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