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  1. I was curious if people here watch MC livestreams of other users playing. I've seen it mentioned a few times around the forums of people livestreaming things they are up to.

    A lot of people have taken interest in how Yallquit and I build so we were wondering if people would want to watch that first hand?

    Just curious. :)
  2. I once ran a 24 hour livestream with nick5013, it was cut short do to personal issues. We got around 10 people on average so yeah, people will watch a live stream.
  3. I often try and catch livesteams when i see people post them if I have the spare time. Watching other people play video games is favorite past time of mine.. and I really enjoy watching how different people play versus how I play. It makes for some unique experiences.
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  4. I watch Twitch Plays Pokemon :p

    I join in with interesting streams if I have nothing better to do, which sometimes happens more then I would like. So yes, I think I would join in for a bit if I knew it was happening and have time.
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  5. I like this idea. I don't watch them i make them (in the future). :D