Livemap coordinate box extension

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  1. I didn't know whether to put this in bug reports or suggestions but I think the problem is pretty obvious, since the further outposts were added the coordinates do not fit in the box on the livemap as shown here:

  2. And you can't put maker's to find a cowards easily
  3. bingo bongo

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  4. importante, +1
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  5. we also need markers and we need a way to jump to each outpost. +1
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  6. So basically a overhall to the map?
  7. We can only pray
  8. Yeah, sucks that you can't go to each outpost unless there's someone there showing themselves on the map.
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  9. ... excuse me?
  10. I think he means you can't put markers to find coordinates easily :p
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  11. Yea me spelling is horrible
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  12. Oh boy, yes, that should be something on the "fix list" in a future update to the server. +1
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  13. I'm glad the livemap is still functional, at least, after all these years. :)
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  14. Yea lol
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  15. totes my goats