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  1. I was wondering something...
    Doesn't the live map help griefers find things to grief?
    :confused: there could be a griefers targeting you right now...
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  2. This is exactly true. One way to protect from this is to become a supporter and use /map hide, but other than that and trying to conceal some builds, it is a risk we take for the convenience of not getting lost.
  3. I think I got grieved cause of it but it has been helpful too
  4. Could be true, but griefers are lazy and if you go far enough, they won't get you. :)
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  5. They could zoom on u -_-
  6. -_-
  7. L[] L if a griefer wasn't lazy he wouldn't sit in his stalker chair playing minecraft all day -_-
  8. Griefers like to get in, wreck the place, and get out, doing as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you build far out, they won't want to come and get you.
  9. And how does that help him? He still needs to go all the way to your base :)

    That is the exact definition of a lazy person ;)
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  11. Playing minecraft all day... How is that not "Lazy"?!?
  12. All they have to do is click your name and it will go to wherever you are a pinpoint you.
  13. Wat?
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  14. a way to hide buildings is to put a block surrounding your build above it, like grass or water, if you put the blocks all above every part of the base it is impossible to identify from the live map.
    hope this helps :)
  15. yeh but wen ur in it theyll be able to see u
  16. But if it is camouflaged, they will just think you are passing through the area. Griefers aren't exactly the hard-working type, and that's exactly why they're griefing and not doing actual work. That means that they're too lazy to go all the way out there when it might just be a plain old mountain that you were walking past.
  17. but if its ur home u would goback there often and sometimes stay there 4 long periods of time greifers might get curios and check it out and find u and grief u and then u abort base and lose ur stuff
  18. If it's far enough out, griefers won't go there. They're very lazy.
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  19. As others have stated so succinctly, distance is your friend when it comes to the wild. Yes, griefers can find you. It has happened. But if you travel far enough out in the wild, the chance of one coming to your site decreases dramatically. Very few people will travel an hour over land and ocean to spend five minutes tearing your house apart.
    It's not a guarentee, of course. Until the Dragon Tomb thing hits and people can claim wilderness areas as protected zones, nothing except locked chests will ever be truly safe in the wild.

    But if you travel far, disguise your build, and particularly if you are a supporter and have the /hide perk, you'll do just fine. I've been on EMC for over a year, most of which has been spent in the wild, and only experienced griefing twice - and the first time was barely a few days after I joined.
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  20. umm wrong deathtomb's city of Zolara gets grief all of the time as well as Pazzo and Pantano