Live Map Improvements.

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  1. In the live map I notice a small little detail. The Flat Views of the nether are land and water when the nether is just lava and netherrack stuff. Just a small little detail as I said.
  2. not sure what you are asking here, can you please reword?
  3. What Skydragon is pointing out, I think, is that the Live Map icons are all the same now. Because of the extra worlds, I'm having to read the label for each to know what it is rather than just clicking on the icon like I was before.

    Is it possible to customize the icons? Perhaps some of the more artsy people here could design some, maybe as part of a contest?

    I think a simple house for Town, a Tree or Stone Brick block for Wild, and a Pick would differentiate them well enough for me. I also was using the map for a long time before I figured out that the blocks on the right were supposed to represent cubes. Perhaps some lines on those to show the edges and make it more obvious that they represent cubes. I'm sure someone else can come up with better ideas.
  4. Pab, chickeneer got the closest. Sorry pal.
  5. I got closer than you did. You just don't know it yet. And I'm not your pal, buddy.
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  6. You pointed something out completely separate from what SkyDragonv8 created the thread over. Both points are valid :)
  7. Actually, I thought what I posted encompassed his point and more. I think the icons were only intended by whoever designed Live Map to represent flat vs. surface views rather than the worlds they display so no effort was taken to actually represent the Nether in the icons.

    But I think Skydragon made a good observation. I'm agreeing and taking it one step further by saying that representing 10 different map views: 2 views each of 5 different maps, with three icons is confusing and maybe even more variation than he is suggesting(add Nether icons) is needed.


    Since there is not much difference between the icons, it forces you to read the labels instead. To be effective, they need to be both distinctive from one another as well as easily recognizable. It just wasn't as noticeable when there were only Town, Wild, and Nether maps. I'm hoping Aikar has the ability to modify them.

    By the way, I hope you both got that I wasn't being unfriendly with the last remark of my previous post. It was a Southpark reference.
  8. Thank you for clarifying. I wasn't offended, but someone could have easily been if they didn't know you were referencing something
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  9. So is it added to the issue tracker? I do not know what is happening now.
  10. It isn't really an issue. It could be a potential improvement. Improving the Live map is on Aikar's To-Do list; but he has the Normal Mode update coming up first