Live Map for the End

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  1. This would be helpful so you don't get lost.
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  2. There was one for a time yesterday but it seems to have been removed.
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  3. Yesterday there was a live map for the end but it's not there anymore.
  4. Why remove it?
  5. I don't get it either. The End is officially similar to the Nether and Overworld except for the Ender Dragon respawning.

    If it were up to me, I'd reset the main island for the end and make official outpost there with teleports leading every which way.

    Leave the waste without an outpost but have a life map of it.
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  6. The live map for the end could be used to find Island and more, as well as i causes more lag to the servers as it tries to load areas that are not land....
  7. How is this any different than the Nether live map?
  8. without a map, how can you get out of the End after exploring without killing yourself?
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  9. Remembering where you went. There should be a trail of dirt bridges.
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  10. my enderpearl skillz are strong, i didn't always use bridges

    but I also adventured for close to 3 hours and thus I was so far into the world that I wouldn't have wanted to try and find my way back without a map
  11. +1

    Seems only logical with the new larger end.
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  12. Considering that the map would start off all black, I don't think there would be a way to find islands. If anything is revealed it would mean someone was there.
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  13. +1 we need this
    I was surprised that it wasn't already a thing
  14. After they took away the map. I got lost. Lucky I found a end city and a ender chest. #be #prepared
  15. i've just been going out, collecting things, dying. rinse and repeat. this will get old having to get new ender chests each time but oh well. at this point you have to go more than 5000 blocks out just to find untouched area and soon it'll be much further.