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  1. hi, im making a server with economy, using essentials, and i want to use the empire prices as seen in the shop. i have started setting the worth, but its tiresome running back and forth through the shop, so could someone please post a list of the costs of everything in the shop? it would help a lot.
  2. Why? It was a perfectly valid request - even if many of us don't agree with it.

    theEastenDragon - running a server requires a lot of work and dedication. If you are going to copy EMC (which I advise against), then at least realise that you're going to have to put the work in and get the list yourself - just like how when you run a server, you have to put a lot of work into updates.

    EMC's economy is unique. Other servers should come up with their own prices, not copy ours. :)
  3. i understand that, and i will probably make adjustments as needed, but i would like to have a reference to work from. seeing as empires economy works so well, it seemed like a good server for this purpose. i understand the need for this though, and i thank you for your advice.
  4. and in regards to copying it, maby i phrased the first post wrong, but i am only using empire as example values. i have several other servers i am referencing as well, and my prices will probably not be the same as empire. when i said use, i meant for reference.
  5. Well, example prices from the Empire Shop aren't really going to help you, because unless you manufacture a carbon-copy of Empire Minecraft, the shop will have to be priced differently to have the desired effect.

    Rather than consider the example prices, instead you should consider the purposes of a server shop.
    • An inflation control, so no item can rise above a certain skyhigh price.
    • Convenience, so you don't have to look for stuff in player shops, but at a skyhigh price.
    • Encouraging player-to-player trade and exploration as an alternative to skyhigh prices.
    Implement your server shop later on, fish around the markets, and figure out the average price for everything.
    Then, price your Empire Shop goods way higher than that.
    I don't think there should be a shop. If you can implement a bank plugin, a market plugin like the shop update Aikar is working on, and realistic factions which require a mass of players and money to start up in order to claim land and acquire power, that will be a very gritty and certainly dashing experience, trying something different from EMC. :)
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  6. And here comes the economist....
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  7. again, im not using Empire prices. the formula im using is looking at popular servers, finding the average across all prices for an item, and dividing that by 2 for the worth. in other words, it wont be like empire, empire is just ONE of the servers im using.
  8. amused get your pencil out of here
  9. I'm sorry, what? Different servers have very different currencies. One Empire rupee could be worth 10.00 UltraCraft Survival Multiplayer Dollars. (made up server name). You need to figure out the precise value of each currency relative to each other, something which is extremely difficult to do. finding the average across a few server shop prices and dividing it by 2 is not going to work and I fail to understand your method.
  10. I don't think this will work, EMC has a unique economy with thousands of players, so I highly doubt it would work on your server sorry. :)
  11. There are plenty of other servers with an economy. It's just a matter of finetuning it to what he has.
  12. Now, don't get me wrong as I'm not economics expert like you :p but to have the best economy you have to adapt it to your server, I'm guessing your server is not going to be a 'carbon copy' of EMC and it can't really be anyway with all the players EMC already has (I'm not saying your server won't be a success, but it will be hard to beat EMC 'Members wise') Yeah you can get help by looking at what other servers did correctly to stimulate a economy by you can't just 'copy it' and expect it to work on your server. :)
  13. It's likely that however carefully you pick your prices, you will have to adjust them so I would just start with something that seems sane and get on with it. In general they should reflect the commonality of items as well as demand.
  14. to reply to the last few answers:

    jake_bagby: the server i own holds something like 20 people, just friends of mine. im not planning a HUGE server-of-awsomeness. and AGAIN, i am not carbon copying it to work on my server, and in reply to all; i am using empire as a reference.

    to pab10S: i will probably be doing what you described, but before hand i would like to see what other servers are using. the system i described in my last post probably wouldn't work i agree, it was just an idea.

    and to answer your question about the formula 72volt, that is what i was trying to do. i have givin up on that idea however. thanks to everyone on this thread who replied, your answers were helpful.