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  1. So I saw someones profile the other day(not naming names) and saw they almost had as many likes as they posts. I thought it was pretty cool and started checking others. So I made this thread.
    My Likes to Posts, L/P is 342/891
    So that's .38 repeating... That's okay I guess. Not spammer level but nor a wise and funny comment machine.
    So what's yours!
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  2. My like ratio is: 1,703:2,112.
    My like percentage is: 80.63%.
    I'd say I'm the best ever. Deny it and you'll meet your doom.
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  3. Yeah I'm trying to raise my percentage. It's pretty low, but with near 900 posts already its gonna be really hard
  4. 4,340 posts

    = .63
    Not bad :eek:
  5. 1576/2015
    Not bad at all!
  6. My post to like ratio is 1.0

    I think this is pretty good, considering all the useless posts I made way back when.
  7. Site Posts:1,028
    Site Likes Received:1,168
  8. Site Posts: 2836
    Likes: 3688

    Its ok.
  9. I think staff should be instantly disqualified xD
  10. Well that's not very fair. Not all staff have High post counts or high like counts. Some rarely post.
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  11. Site Post: 3,316
    Likes: 4000
    Pulls out the Iphone Calcuator........

    120% :D
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  12. *unlikes all Dwight's Posts*

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  13. Ed_is_crying.jpg
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  14. Haha yeah, ICC should definitely be disqualified though :3
  15. For sure... Anything he posts is attacked with likes.
  16. i see what your doing there :rolleyes:
  17. Um... It was pretty simple with no double meanings that I know of, so what do you mean?
  18. 260/228 : 1.14 :)
  19. 3629/2156 = ~1.6

    So I think that's 160%