Life Update, More and a Poll!!

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Should I make a Progress Video?

Yes, Reply Below 12 vote(s) 100.0%
No, Reply Below 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey EMC,

    As many of you know from my other threads, I am Trans... Meaning when I was born, I was assigned Male at Birth, Although I identify as Female...... I have been busy with many Dr's Appointments and so much more like Counselors and all, and it finally got to the point where I can start.... For those that know a bit, I am on;

    1 Tablet Daily - Estradiol 1 MG
    1/2 Tablet Daily - Cyproterone 50 MG

    My question to EMC, is Should I make a Documentation Video Via Pic's?

    If so, What type?

    -Photo a Day
    -Photo a Week
    -Photo when ever

    Please leave you comments Below.....

    To find more... Here are my other Threads....

    Introduction to EMC....

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    More Information on this topic....

    If you also want to talk, I am always online on Mumble and on EMC on smp6, I am very supportive and understanding and can try to help you on this topic or any other in any way you want....

    You can also PM me on the site if you want, or even add me on Skype (Google_Support).

    This is not a Debate Thread, Any Rude Comments or Debates will be Removed, and anyone who does will also receive a Ban from all my reses.... I am like anyone else, so please don't treat me any different....

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  2. I think it'd be interesting to see how your appearance progresses throughout the transformation. I think you should do a photo a week so taking a picture doesn't become a pain as a daily task.

    However, I think providing a link as an option of viewing the progression is the best idea, rather than posting them all on a thread. Some folks may not want to see it for whatever reason they have.

    Keep trooping through it, Finch! We love ya!
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  3. I agree with what deathconn said, happy to see you are doing well finch.
  4. I was thinking more or less a video of all the pics so then you can really see the difference come out.
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