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  1. So I've been using a librarian for the past week to trade paper into emeralds. This trade is his 8th trade and no more trades have come up in since I've gained his 8th trade.

    Today, he's decided to create a new trade. Meaning my librarian villager now has nine different trades in his trading GUI. Has this happened to anyone else? I assumed librarians maxed out at eight trades.

    Also, I was killing Wither skeletons in the nether yesterday and on two occasions they dropped regular skeleton heads, and none dropped wither heads. According to the Wiki, Wither skeletons don't drop regular skeleton heads. So I hope you can understand my confusion.

    If anyone can enlighten me in either of my two problems I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. The first one is unheard of, the second pretty common.
  3. Anyone else have any insight on the villager issue? I now have two librarians with nine trades in their GUI.
  4. I've never had 9 trades in the GUI of a villager, but, I've experienced the Wither Skeletons dropping skeleteon skulls.
  5. Can you please list all the trades that you see in them?
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  6. Yeah of course. Here are the two librarians. I've also included the trade quantities if that makes a difference.

    Librarian 1:
    1. Written Book --> Emerald
    2. Book (x11) --> Emerald
    3. Emerald --> Glass (x5)
    4. Emerald (x10) --> Clock
    5. Emerald (x3) --> Bookshelf
    6. Book + Emerald (x5) --> Projectile Protection I
    7. Emerald (x10) --> Compass
    8. Paper (x24) --> Emerald
    9. Gold Ingot (x9) --> Emerald

    Librarian 2:
    1. Written Book --> Emerald
    2. Book (x11) --> Emerald
    3. Emerald (x10) --> Compass
    4. Emerald (x10) --> Clock
    5. Emerald --> Glass (x5)
    6. Gold Ingot (x8) --> Emerald
    7. Book + Emerald (x8) --> Silk Touch I
    8. Paper (x25) --> Emerald
    9. Emerald (x3) --> Bookshelf
  7. :D Thanks for telling me how to get paper as the last trade!
  8. I would've been happy to help regardless. You're making it sound like you "duped" me into giving you the secret.
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  9. Librarians should never trade gold, that's very odd.
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  10. Any villagers can trade gold.
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  11. No lol. Librarians trade..
    1. Compass
    2. Watch
    3. Bookshelf
    4. Paper
    5. Enchanted books
    6. Books
    7. Glass

    Anything else will never appear in a librarian. In this case, it's obvious that somewhere a glitch or something happened because it happened twice, not just once. And it should never happen at all :)
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  12., any villager CAN trade gold.
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  13. Where are you getting your information? To my knowledge, Librarians will do the gold trade, though it's an extremely low probability. The downside of this is, an "infinite" paper villager is eventually going to play those odds and lose, when it comes up.

    As for having nine trades... That's odd and I have no other insights. I suppose given that other NPCs can have well more than 9 trades (farmer, blacksmith), it can be inferred they will continue trading until all possibilities are exhausted. The catch with most librarians is that their offer of an enchanted book is more likely to change than the odds of them gaining a gold trade.
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  14. Oh yeah I forgot to list the written book trade, so there's actually 8 trades and that super low chance of gold..
  15. The strange thing about the ninth trade is that it didn't come up like the other eight did. It was after trading with the eighth trade a fair amount and only afterwards did the ninth trade come up.

    As I'm sure you know, the next trade usually pops up after trading the last trade a handful of times and not over one hundred times.
  16. Yeah, the wiki said that there's around a .25% chance of gold popping up, so probably 400 trades is when it'll pop up. Though 400 is kinda strange because lots of people have been able to use theirs for thousands of times and counting.
  17. That's why I phrased my response as I did. It's a matter of playing the odds, and while some Librarians will be "luckier" than others, eventually they'll top out at 9. If you're fortunate, the gold option comes up early on so you can get it out of the way.
    The other catch is, as I mentioned, that Librarians will also change their Enchanted Book trade, on occasion. I'd be willing to bet that those "thousands of times" traders have (instead of offering up gold or otherwise breaking) swapped out the enchanted book they're willing to offer.
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  18. Uuuuummm… Aikar is trolling us and changed villager behavior? :confused:
  19. Speaking from experience, it's not only the enchanted book trade that changes, but the numbers involving other trades such as paper as well. For example, I had an "infinite" paper villager that gave 27 paper and had blast protection III. I traded with it quite a bit, and the number for paper changed to 24, along with the enchanted book trade changing to silk touch I. It's all a game of luck.
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