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  1. Hey all! It's easy to get bored, (not when playing EMC, of course. :p) so I have decided to create this for when I am unable to get in-game or if I am just not fancying an MC play at the moment.

    The only rules are:

    1. Do not fill posts with pictures or GIFs. Please limit them to 2 a post. (Maximum)
    2. Do not start a huge debate. Just try not to argue or make a huge deal out of stuff.
    3. Keep cursing and profane subjects to a minimum.
    4. See #2 - If I deem a conversation a rule-breaking conversation, or violates any of the rules, I will have the conversation closed.
    5. Do not post offensive topics.
    6. Please try not to make others uncomfortable. If a player requests a conversation to be closed, and I see a valid reason, I will close the conversation.
    7. Follow all EMC rules.
    8. Enjoy!
    If anything about this thread is
    a) Grammatically incorrect
    b) Not allowed
    Then please tell me. I will have it changed to your/staff's liking.
  2. How about the air quality alert somewhere in Indiana? Saw it on the weather.
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  4. Ninja'd my reserved post. :p

    I have no knowledge on the air quality there. However, also in America, there were two police men killed within the same week. One of them is on the run and has a man hunt. :eek:
  5. Want me to delete my post for you?
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  6. No, of course not. First come, first serve.

    Redaction of rule: "Do not turn this into a huge debate."
    You are allowed to debate, just try not to make a huge deal out of the subject. Remember, if you are asked to stop, there should be nothing else heard about it.

    While I'm here, I will start a nice little "IYO" talk:

    In your opinion, should Minecraft add birds?

    In your opinion, should there be different coloured wolves?

    In your opinion, what should we do about Bisphenol A in water bottles, receipts, and other things? (Google it. :p)
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  7. How about the discrimination against animatronics in smp8?

    It seems smp8 has gotten darker since school started
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  8. SMP8 has always been a dark place... :rolleyes:
  9. How about we talk about the Stock Market Drops!
    And debt!

    (Such happy topics.)
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  10. smp8 is good, honest and respectable. everyone's just each other's wives for whatever reason. are you discriminating against polygamy? smh
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  11. Not at all, I never denied how fun it is to be there still ;)
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  12. I have not spent a lot of time on SMP8... I hear it is odd.
  13. Odd is an understatement :p But, fun ;)
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  14. Want to hear a Construction Joke?
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  15. I'm working on it!:D
  16. What have you done??
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  17. Why.

    Well, I am glad I created this thread, it keeps my alerts full and gives me something to do.

    I contact my family, keep them on the line, then hop onto Mumble/MC and say goodbye. I proceed to speak with my family.
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  18. I thought polygamy was illegal.....
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  19. Yeah, SMP8 was never known for being the brightest.
    *fires shots*