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  1. Hello fellow friends, strangers, and staff. Before you start saying "oh hey i knew this pig guy would eventually come back, he's just attention seeking like usual", no. I just came here to talk with anyone that needs a good talk, some advice, or just to have a nice conversation with. A thread were you can talk about your problems, your ups, your downs, anything. Let's just talk.

    I'll start us off. I'm a freshman attending a high school, I'm an A student with an amazing girlfriend whom I've been dating for over a year, with some good friends that will always have my back. I play in the high school marching band, and it's a passion of mine. I've been playing an instrument for almost 4 years and I've enjoyed every year so far. I'm an atheist, and I'm loving life as it is right now.

    I haven't come here to gloat, just to talk about life. I know many people have it way worse than I do, way worse, and I feel sorry for them. Some may have a parent in jail, some may have both in jail, some may have no parents at all, some may have divorced parents, some may not have any money, some might not have a good education, some may not be as intelligent as others, some may not be as mentally or physically, or emotionally strong as others, but they're all perfect in their own way. We have no room to judge them or treat them any differently than anyone else. We all have something wrong with ourselves, and nobody is perfect.

    I've hiked the Grand Canyon, I've been to many theme parks with amazing roller coasters and rides, I've been out of the United States, and I've traveled to many other states within the United States. Travelling is one of the things I enjoy the most.

    I've never experienced depression, but some of my close friends have, and I've helped them through it, and it isn't what you think it is. You might think it as attention seeking, or being sad for a dumb reason. But it's very serious, and it could be life threatening if you just ignore it.

    If you ever feel like you aren't worthy, you very much are. People care about you, don't let a simple bully put you down. You're one of a kind, and nobody could ever replace you. If you still don't think you're worth it, please use this.
    Suicide Hotline:

    US: 1-800-273-8255
    Canada: 1-800-448-1833
    UK: 08457 90 90 90
    France: 01 45 39 40 00
    Australia: 1300 13 11 14

    Now, please. Tell me about your life, your experiences, and what you love to do. Anything, just let it all flow out into this simple thread. :)
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  2. I want to write something, but I have no idea how to word it without sounding sorry for myself. >.>
  3. It's all fine, tell it like it is.
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  4. My alias is Elite (aka Cal├ęb)
    I'm a young guy, fresh out of college.

    I like to draw, code, and learn new things...
    I am passionate about improv and voice acting.

    I don't believe in religion nor atheism - I view everything as a linking between the former life and the afterlife - our spirits and hidden memories carry over to the next reincarnation - but our bodies are left where they lay....
    I'm mostly gay; I tell people this all the time, but unless if I playfully flirt or bring it up - no one knows I am.

    I'm American, lived here most my life - Virginia to be exact... I 'have' lived in italy for a short while cause my brother was in the army - but any accent or saying that I was Italian when I first joined, wasn't true - I was just acting ;) (pretty good eh?) :p

    I'm very intelligent - It makes me feel bad when I say jokes or words half the time, then have to retype it or re-say them because people don't know what i'm talking about...

    My depression started taking over before highschool ... I wasn't putting as much effort into what I was doing... so I wasn't feeling up to doing the work to graduate early...

    I made straight A's until middle of eleventh grade ... Was in fbla, nhss, advanced studies, dual enrollment, early grad scholar, had over 100 in a lot of classes ... I 'was' a nerd (possibly still am :p )

    My depression started taking over even more - I was suicidal ... grades started slipping (easy classes prob still a's and b's) but other classes went down to d's ... had to drop out of college english mid semester and go to highschool english just to keep from failing the course.

    I went from top of the class to the top 30's in just a few weeks time frame.... just goes to show how a little effect can have a huge impact ...

    And for what? I was gay, bullied, and name called just for being me ... and none of my teacher, family, nor classmates took notice nor cared....

    So I picked up drama, one act, musicals, etc... where other people could talk to me and not judge me ... and I liked it - I was no longer vicarious, but, moreover, vivid in my inclinations...

    It didn't end anything, but it eased my self pity ... I also had a newer bravado about me, and no one tried to approach me since end of eleventh grade ... which I suppose is a good thing.

    Still no boyfriend, but hey - one thing at a time. :)
  5. Life is currently beating my butt in. My only source of happiness is 1,000+ miles away, everyone's been pushing me to do my best and I'm all burnt out. My depression is slowly inching back into my life because Ive been lacking sleep. I just want to be in Michigan and happy.
  6. Eh, well...

    I'm 14 years old, I'm quarter Welsh, Irish, Spanish and I was born and raised in England. I'm currently doing my GCSEs, I'm in Year 10, and I'm starting College in a year and 10 months. I'm an atheist, and I like to fancy myself as some sort of biologist. I also like space, because Spore made me love the idea of colonizing new planets and terraforming (it also introduced me to the idea of evolution!), as incorrect on those topics as it is. I can be smart when, and if, I feel like it. Usually, though, since people don't understand what I try to say (which I know is usually right if I'm going into depth about it), they try to call me out on things. I don't like arguing in real life much, so I just make myself look stupid on purpose to make people shut up. This has lead to me being bullied by 2 or 3 people for something I'm not.

    I was bullied from Year 2 until the beginning of Year 6, and kept to myself for all of those years. This lead to me developing social anxiety and some form of 'light' depression, which I completely blew out of proportion from the end of Year 7 and towards the middle of Year 8. I don't remember what my motives were behind blowing it out of proportion, but I believe it was to get attention that I wasn't getting from other people since I 'kept to myself too much'. In the end, I realized life wasn't as bad as I was making out in my head and I wasn't keeping to myself anymore.

    Gaming and coding are pretty much my only passions. Oh wait, I forgot about procrastinating. That's a passion too, right?

    My favourite games are PayDay: The Heist, FTL: Faster Than Light, Age of Empires II, Team Fortress 2 and Assassin's Creed IV.

    I'm also currently teaching myself Norwegian. Why? Because I felt like it. It probably won't be a long-term thing though, since I suck at learning new languages. I gave up on Spanish completely last year, but I still have to learn it in School, so...

    Somebody once asked me what area of Liverpool I'm from, so the answer's here for anyone wondering; Toxteth. I live in a town south of Liverpool, though :p
    (I also figured out that 'Toxteth' would make a really good PAYDAY Heister name :p)

    Fun fact about my town; the half I live in used to basically be a gated community that nobody ever really left unless it was for work, but most people only worked within that half of the town, or they were on government benefits. Eventually, the wall segregating one side of the town from the other was torn down, and most people went off to get jobs in new cities :p

    My life's dream is to make games, and recently I have wanted to do YouTube commentary as a hobby, since I already talk to myself while gaming >.>

  7. Anything that could go wrong has :p Grades, family, money, emotions, work... But I have some absolutely amazing friends that I love to pieces ^.^ I may not know them irl but they keep me sane ;)
  8. I tried life once. It sucked. Then, I found Minecraft and it got better.
  9. I'm a ten-year old 6th grader who lives in a small house with a sister, a brother, a mother and father, plus a turtle and 3 fishies.

    I take a extended french course at my school, which is basically regular school but I get more french stuff than the guys in english program. Lucky them, I gotta do Social Studies in french, and its ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Wonder what my last mark was? below 60%. yeah.

    I'm your (typical) guy who loves to mess with computers, and me and my 12-year old bro have 2 youtube channels: Mariomash1VG and Mariomash1TCG. Both of us have never posted any new vids for months, but my birthday is in November 23, and I'm going to buy a $500-$600 laptop 5 days after that. We need the laptop so we can make better vids, be able to POST vids, and for schoolwork.

    Minecraft is my life when it comes to games. thats it.

    I started Minecraft 3 years back, when my friend Pokemonball345 used to play this server. This server was the first I was introduced to, and my first impression of Minecraft. I got a Minecraft account a year later, but it was not this one. It's a secret. but anyways, I use this account now, and I play on all sorts of servers now, but I'm trying to increase my fighting skills, and especially parkour and archery.

    i'm like a beginner in coding. I know a tiny bit of JavaScript, and some HTML. I'll be learning more over the year from the website codecademy, which is great for learning coding.

    I'll post again when I feel I have more to say. :D
  10. I'm 17, decently intelligent but a huge shut in. My goals in life is to become a plot writer for aspiring video games. I have a vivid imagination and a unique look on most situations. I've been know to be persistent, but at sometimes easily distracted. I could be described as lazy when it comes to school or work, but I have my own reasons, one of them is because no matter what I do, I feel like what I did was awful and I'm afraid to disappoint

    Back when I was in public school I was friendly and semi-popular. I was the kind of guy people talked to about their problems without worrying about being judged for who they were. When I left, all of my friends disappeared, I haven't seen them in years, and my girlfriend (Sounds stupid I know but I was very mature for a 12 year old) left and moved to Virgina about a year before and now that I've been home-schooled for coming up on 5 years, I feel locked in, unsocial, and not able to express myself.

    My case of depression isn't on a suicidal level, nor do I see it being there, but it is depression nonetheless. About 2 years ago I bought Minecraft, after playing the demo world for 3 months I knew I liked the game. I studied up on it and watched hundreds of Lets Plays and seeing those people (Etho, DocM77) have fun, a long lost friend was found again, my smile.

    I begun playing the game for hours on end, I started on EMC and have never really left, sure I took a break here and there, but once I came back the community welcomed me with open arms. I feel like I'm in public school, the teachers being the staff, and the students being the players. I learn something new about someone everyday and we talk, a lot.
    Lately though, that depression has been creeping up on me, it's caused me to act out and start fights, and has caused those that I hold dearly physical and emotional harm. , I love to write, like a lot. But being depressed makes it hard to like anything I've done, so I ask several people for their opinion, not to have my ego stroked but to kinda realize that what I've made, people like. When writing it's sorta the same, I make my own world, a world I want people to read and visit and enjoy their time there.

    Being a part of EMC, has definitely helped me become stronger in the fight against depression, while people notice that I'm depressed, I refuse their help, but appreciate the gesture. "You don't get anywhere with a pat on the back." I've always told myself this, and I'm a better person for it, but then I learned something, "A pat on the back doesn't help but a push forward does."

    I know EMC has saved my life many times over, this place... there's none other like it, it's my second home, and my second family. It's a paradise for anyone needing a break from the despairs of real life, and a life raft for those sinking in loneliness.

    Currently, I'm setting some pretty high goals (gotta reach high to get high) I plan on running a 7 res "square" I guess you could call it on EMC, it's nowhere near done though. I'm also building a city in the wild meant to be a refuge for all who want to get out of town for a while. My real life goals are a bit smaller, I want to write a 16 part story with at least 8,000 words per chapter, and I'm in the process of breaking a 17 year habit. I'm still fighting depression, but a light version and am attempting to handle my anger a bit better.
  11. I don't know what to say here really. Here's some things:
    • I'm currently attending university and working on an accounting degree. I have a nice, shiny 4.0 GPA.
    • I'm a romantic and nihilist at heart. I often write poetry and post it here, along with random stuff I like and reblog: http://quillpen-iv.tumblr.com/ (Maybe the younger members of EMC should not click that link.)
    • Anyways, as of recently more than the last two months, I have been horribly depressed.
    • Comic books are pretty great. Along with, you know, regular books and metal.
    • I play guitar kind of.
    Am I even doing this thread right?
  12. Theirs no right or wrong way to post in this thread.
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  13. I'm a freshman in High School and my grades suck (don't think I'm stupid, because I'm not. I just have no motivation to do schoolwork). I've lost contact with a few amazing people that go to a different school now (my transition from schools have always sucked, since I've been the minority every time). My best friend/brother moved about a year ago up to Iowa (I'm located in FL), and that changed my life forever. It was over a year ago but it's a constant thing. His parents spend all their money on drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, and so they had to move in with family. For a little while, the only people I had to go to were people that I met at this place.

    However, I recently made my high school's junior varsity team and as of the second game I start at center attacking mid. I'm the best freshman soccer player at the whole school and I'm tight with the varsity coach. So that's what I have going for me. The thing is, I don't even start on my club team, my coach hates me and I hate him. There's one other person on my club team who doesn't start too, and he made varsity at his school. So that puts things in perspective for ya. My club coach just has crazy favoritism, in fact, on Wednesday, I went against someone who starts ahead of me in club (who I'm way better than, physically and technically). He played 10 minutes of the game. I started and played 50, the only reason I got taken out is because we were winning comfortably so my coach wanted to give everyone playing time. So basically, I had nothing going for me until a month ago. Soccer was the one thing I could go out and enjoy myself in but my coach took that away from me. I just got it back.

    I'm also atheist. The fact that people accept religion without even questioning it disturbs me.

    So yeah. There may or may not be some things I left out but that's mostly me. Shitty grades, missing my brother (not biologically but he pretty much lived in my house), and soccer.
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  14. Bump, fill me in on anything about yourself, I'm sure myself and others would love to know about you :)
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  15. The grading system is very biased, and not conclusive on many levels. But, you should keep your grades up because schools tend like their best athletes to be good students too. It would suck to be fantastic at soccer, then get cut because varsity policy says that you need to have better grades.

    If you really don't care about grades, just put yourself in easy classes lol.
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  16. Pig, I'm like you, but without the girl XD.
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  17. Hi guys, some of you may remember me, I occasionally come on to collect promos and post in the Show Yourself Thread, but I saw this, and felt maybe I could contribute something. I'll go back to sixth grade, as far back as I really care to remember. It will be in a spoiler, because some things are quite detailed and not very good for younger eyes. Not curse words or anything, just some bad stories.

    Hi all, my name is Devon. I'm currently 14 years old, living in Maryland and a freshman in high school. I'm mostly Asian, but a wide range of ethnicities, allowing me to not check anything on those little ballot things of race. I'm quite short (5'3") but pretty fit. I love baseball, designing, and sleeping. That's the gist of me.

    Let's start with sixth grade shall we? When I first went into sixth grade, everything was pretty bad, you know, new school, not really knowing anyone. I quickly became involved in some activities (Student Government, Helping the Library, Trumpet) and found that as a way to let myself get by without anyone really noticing me. That was mostly my plan, until about a week into the school year, I found I could get away with being a smart-ass, the class clown. I would always talk back to teachers, and they would never do anything because I would always be the smartest in the class. I liked middle school, it was fun and I could get away with most anything. I did well enough, and sixth grade was mostly an uneventful year for me.

    Now we start seventh grade. Like sixth grade, I went along, talked back, essentially did my thing and life was better than it had been. I did well in school, but this was around the time I started losing motivation to anything and everything. I guess you could say this was the start of my anxiety and depression.

    Eight grade. Here's where things get tricky. I never really wanted to go back to school, but I had to. Laws and stuff. In school, I kinda just sat there. I got my work done, but never really payed attention or learned anything. I love learning, but what they were teaching us and how never appealed to me. At this point, I figured, if school was not going to help me, I was losing friends, then there couldn't be much point in anything. This was when I first attempted suicide. It was a pill suicide, but I'd rather not go in-depth. I wasn't hospitalized, I simply woke up and acted sick for the rest of the day. Life resumed, but I was still severely depressed and had major social anxiety at this point. My acting up increased, and I just had a complete distaste for life. I still did my school work, and acted like things were fine, and everyone believed the were. Hell, how could I feel bad? I was the mascot, I hosted the talent show, I was so exuberant everyone loved me. About halfway into this year, I started abusing substances which I will not talk about, but as of now I am clean. I cleaned up after an overdose, where a friend found me and called the ambulance, saving my life. Some people knew, my closest friends, but not anyone else at school, they just thought I was sick for a while. After that, again, I tried to clean up, and I did for a while, before my final suicide attempt. It was another attempt at pills, where again, I woke up in the midst of it. My parents assumed it this time, and I was sent to an institution, Sheppard Pratt for those wondering. I was eventually discharged for not cooperating and being a general nuisance. But, I was in the ward with the psychopaths and sociopaths, needless to say, there was a lot of fights. That was about the end of my eight grade year, and most of how I felt.

    Now, to present day. I am currently in ninth grade, and still suffering with depression, but getting treatment now. My friends called the hotline because they were worried, and that led to the therapist I'm seeing, who does not like me, but it showed me how much my friends cared. I'm a decent enough student, not good, not bad, just not caring about grades and how I do. I spend a large amount of time on the internet, talking with friends I've met through TeamSpeak, Tumblr, etc, and it's been an amazing part of my life. I doubt I would be here today without them, but I'm glad I have them. For those suffering, I highly recommend help. You may want to reject, but simply reaching out to a close friend makes such a difference. Even just doing something that takes your mind off of it, for me playing Pokemon can be so amazing. Hope you enjoyed the story, please no pity, and if the staff choose to remove, I fully support your decision. I'll probably add in more stuff to fill in holes later on.

    So that's that.
  18. Well, time for me to take a crack at this whole life story thing.

    I am a 17 year old from Midwestern America (No, not Texas, there are other states around here :p)

    I was never really one of the "cool kids", nor did I ever want to be (still don't want to be). I was kinda sorta bullied from 2nd grade to 8th grade, but it wasn't really that effective, as I never really cared what anyone but my friends thought of me. Now on to the relevant part.

    I go to a small school, and about a year ago, one of my classmates was killed in a car accident. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it is a very small boarding school, and after over a year of living together, we were kinda like one big brotherhood. His death really hit us a hard, and we are still trying to move on from it. Unfortunately, an event a couple months ago made that infinitely more difficult. Another one of my classmates, having shown no signs of depression or anything of the sort prior, decided to take his own life one night. It was easy enough to know what to feel when my previous classmate died. It was a simple accident, and no one was really at fault. But here, he had intentionally taken his own life. I didn't know what to feel. I was extremely saddened by his death, but also a bit angry at him for doing this to himself and all of us. And then I felt kinda disgusted with myself for (what seemed to me) spitting on his memory by being angry at a dead brother. I still am trying to sort everything out about his death and the events surrounding it.

    However, through all of this, as well as the death of my grandmother, and the diagnosis of my grandfather with cancer, I never once considered suicide or anything similar, nor have I ever experienced depression or anxiety. For one, I couldn't do that to my family and friends, and I also couldn't do it BECAUSE of them. They showed me every day that life is worth every pain and ache that it gives you.

    I just want to leave off with one of my favorite quotes, courtesy of Steve Maraboli:

    "You are not a victim. No matter what you have been through, you're still here. You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing had defeated you. You are still here! You are not a victim, but a victor".
  19. Beautiful thread, Pig. :) Time to quit reading and start writing. I'll take it by category.
    This one's the smallest (I'm not a highly religious person), so I'll get it out of the way first. I'm technically a Christian, I guess, but like many people, I struggle to accept the whole idea of some great and powerful celestial being without actually questioning it. As a result, I have for a long time dabbled in other religions for the simple experience in it, and have slowly begun to speak out some of my own thoughts and ideas on the matter. To be honest, the main reason that I think I hang on to the idea of religion is because I deeply fear death, and religion allows me to jump onto a desperate hope that death isn't just a scattering of my essence into nothingness.

    Depression is not my biggest issue. I'd say that I've only been truly depressed twice in my life, as I make it a point to separate depression from everyday sadness. Not once have I contemplated suicide (I do enjoy my life, and as mentioned before, I have an extreme fear of death and pain). Instead, I'd say my greatest fault is my perfectionism. Perfectionism sometimes causes me to act bitterly towards others when they do not do things exactly as I want them to do, and it continuously makes me unhappy with myself. One example is my physical appearance. I am not in any way overweight or out of shape, and yet I continue to strive for higher and higher goals because I look down upon my physical state of being. Another example is that when I make something, even when others might adore it I cannot let it rest until I am satisfied. The end result is usually worse than what would've been left if I had left it alone. I have, however, been working on my perfectionism so that I can be a better human being (weirdly enough, I guess even this is a form of perfectionism in itself). Perfectionism has been linked to depression (a rare occurrence in my life) and social anxiety (a not-so-rare occurrence), so I hope that removing this negative aspect of my character will be an improvement to my mental state of mind.

    So, me. I have always been that kind of person who needs to challenge myself, so I try to pursue high academic and creative goals. I do my best at all that I do, and I make sure to help those who need it. To make sure I get enough exercise, I do karate (black belt). When it comes to the arts, I play the tuba and dabble in various art forms including pottery and drawing. I love animals, particularly marine life, and I am never happier than when I have descended beneath the surface while SCUBA diving, as it the most peaceful thing I have yet to experience.
    I have a good home life and am extremely grateful for all the things that I have. My family has always gotten along with each other well, I have a roof over my head, and I have always been well-nourished and in no need of clothing or other necessities. I consider myself very lucky to have all this.
    Socially, I have always had plenty of friends. I guess you could say I've always been in the "popular" crowd, though I've never really been in a place with a horribly intense social hierarchy. This past October has been an especially good month for me, actually, and I've been happier than ever. To be honest, I really do love my life despite any psychological issues I seek to change. My single greatest worry? I have yet to engage in a relationship and sometimes fear that that will never happen. Other than that, needles. Needles scare the bajeezus out of me.

    I can't think of anything else, at the moment. I will add more if I do! :) Thanks for listening, all.
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  20. Hey y'all.
    I'm Trapper777.

    I'm a 14 year old Freshman in High School.

    Life is pretty good. I've had some sucky things happen to me, but everyone I talk to has it worse so nothing to complain about really.

    I have great, great friends, pretty nice grades (currently rocking a 3.8something GPA), and I am happy with my life.

    I am a Christian, and proud of it!

    I have spent most of my life in Montana, except for about a year in Puerto Rico, and the last summer which I spent in Atlanta.

    I don't really know why I am writing this, because I have nothing of substance to say, but oh well.
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