Lets talk about FRHD!

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  1. FRHD is a game where you are either on a mountain bike or BMX and you try to complete player made tracks. You can also make your own tracks.

    It takes some getting used to so I suggest starting on the 'Learning the ropes' campaign (www.freeriderhd.com/t/52143/c)
    You can find my account at www.freeriderhd.com/u/EmpireMinecraft

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  2. Thanks so much for recommending this fantastic game! :)
    Check out my Lets Play!

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  3. Don't worry toadling, I did it in one go ;)
  4. Just recorded myself beating the track record.... In one go just for you toade :p
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  5. I believe this game used to be called canvas rider at one point, was fun when I used to play it.
  6. You gotta be kidding me.....

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  7. *pats on back* Back to working on a track for you, slightly less difficult ;)
  8. Make it easier for him, he is just a toad. :p
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  9. Ah, another Line Rider... what to call it? Parody? Variant? What's-the-word-again?
    Anyway, this version doesn't seem very fun to me, but it's nice how they did the social side with user accounts and stuff.
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  10. Wow you can play on mobile this is fun
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  11. Bump. Idc about how rude it was to bump this EMC.