Let's Shoot: Food!

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  1. If you've been on Instagram or other platforms of social media recently, you'll notice that many people love to take photos of the food they eat, put all sorts of filters on, and then post it for their friends' mouths to water onto your feed.

    Many people like this, and there are many different foods from around the world! Indian curry, American cheeseburgers, Chinese dumplings, etc. The purpose of this thread is to see all sorts of different foods from around this world! We can see how diverse our world is and what different people love to eat, or just eat often!

    If you don't know how to post an image, there should be a little link under the post button that says "how to upload images." Hit that and it'll show you to a page made by the grand overlord Aikar himself... it gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to post images.

    I don't have anything on my computer, but I'll post something when I get around to it. Also, here's how to transfer photos onto your computer from your phone.

    Transfer iPhone-PC: Link
    Transfer iPhone-Mac: Link

    Other platforms will be edited in, if I remember.
  2. I think in most cases, it'd be easier to simply upload to imgur from your phone. It might depend on the person, though.
  3. I agree, but for those that think that it may be easier for using a computer, that's why I have it.
  4. I read the title and thought "Finally, an excuse to take my rifle and shoot a stick of butter on slow motion".

    Imagine my disappointment...
  5. hey do it anyway i'd like to see that XD
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  6. I may, if I can convince someone to loan me their camera with the promise that it WONT come back covered in butter.