Lets see yout rigs!!

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  1. Sooooo I am BIG on computers
    So big I am going to school for a BA in Computer Hardware Design
    But Everyone should post what computer they have and what it has in it!
    I'll start:
    *AMD Phenom II 6-core processor stock 3.2 GHZ OC'd to 3.8ghz
    Corsair Hydro Series h60 Liquid Cooling System for Processor
    8gig G. Skill Ripjaw ram
    Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB hard drive (music and videos)
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB hard drive (OS and programs)
    **Rosewill 500W ATX Power Supply
    ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX motherboard
    ASUS DVD Read/Burn drive
    Samsung Blu-Ray Read/Burn drive
    VisionTek AMD Radeon 6870 1GB video card
    all in a Cooler Master Storm Scout case :)
    Ill post some pics later, if y'all want
    *- Soon upgrading to AMD FX 8-Core
    **- Upgrading to a 800 watt power supply
    Now you post your specs!!
  2. I don't have a rig. I have a craptop.
  3. I have a thing I found in the junk, It has 256mb ram 20GB hard drive.

    It's awesome.
  4. you can play minecraft on that? lol
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  5. I built my desktop from scratch :) illpost specs soon. (I get 900FPS on minecraft).
  6. Acer laptop
    3G RAM
    Pentium T4200 Dual-Core CPU @ 2GHz
    298GB Hard Drive
  7. You can play the desktop version of minecraft on Linux on a rooted Nook Color!
    I get about 2 FPS.
    When running a server, there cannot be more than 1 player logged on, or they both disconnect due to lag.
  8. at 0 fps,Yes.
  9. i feel really bad for you :oops:
  10. mah gawd
  11. Power to the ASUS Sabertooth!

    Anyways I got
    8 GB Ripjaw
    AMD X4 955 BE
    WD 500 GB HD
    1 TB WD external, but tbh 500 is plenty so far
    Standard dell CD drive(I don't see a point, I DL most, all my games,and have a DVD player so...)
    XFX 6850
    ASUS Sabertooth AM3+ motherboard.
    Corsair 750 W PSU
    V8 CPU cooler
    all in my HAF X
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  12. Samsung R510.

    I get 20FPS, on rare cases I get 60FPS. It plays spore at 120FPS and on Borderlands about 20FPS.
    Hopefully I get a new computer for christmas. I asked for that last year, but my parents think the setup is too expensive. All I want now is Borderlands 2 and the same computer.
  13. Ive got a HAF X too! :p coolermaster party! WOOT :cool:
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  14. Nothing much to see here, just an '07 iMac. For it's age, it runs Minecraft remarkably well. ~30-60 FPS. I could probably go higher if my framerate wasn't limited by Optifine for some reason...

    Core 2 Duo CPU
    4 GB RAM (1.25 stock, for some weird reason)
    AMD Radeon GFX card (couldn't find that for some reason)
    32 and 64-bit Mac OS X, 32-bit Ubuntu, 32-bit Windows 7 Home Basic

    Graphics is my weak point, and I've got a 4.7 Windows Experience Index... not too bad for a 6-year-old computer.
  15. Like for have coolermaster, double like if I could for it being HAF X...
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  16. I just picked up some dell desktop for free at from my dad's work. I am really taking it apart and replacing parts like the processor (with a mega gaming processor), getting a tb hard drive, and more ram. Oh and replacing the os with ubuntu.
  17. LOL megagaming processor. Gaming really doesn't have much to do with the processor fyi. Your real bottle necks are your GPU or RAM
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  18. Intel Xeon 1280. 3.5ghz quad core.
    16gb ddr3 ram.
    500gb 7200rpm
    300gb 10000rpm raptor
    workstation cooler, virtually silent
    gtx 460 super overclock (gigabyte overclock model)
    400w system component power supply
    450w boosterx5 for the graphics
    Gets me 1200 fps:p
  19. Alright heres my full rig:
    Intel i5 2500k quad core stock: 3.30GHz O'C'ed to 4.5GHz
    24gb 1600 ddr4 RAM (2x4gb modules and 2x8gb modules)
    1tb 7200rpm 6gb/s media hard drive
    120gb OCZ Vertex 4 SSD boot device (500mbps read and write) boots up windows 7 in 7 seconds
    Corsair H100 CPU cooler, also various fans
    Nvidia GTX 480 O'C'ed & Nvidia GT 520
    750watt OCZ fatal1ty PSU
    Asrock p67 extreme4 gen 3 LGA 1155 motherboard.

    Operating Systems:
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
    Windows 8 64-bit (no this is not the trial i have special connections in microsoft).
    OS X Mountain Lion (no this isnt a macintosh, i built it).
    Got this all for only 600 bucks at an amazing store called microcenter.com (not including the operating systems )

    I run a server, two minecraft windows (ive got dual monitors), and record my minecraft windows and get roughly 600fps each window. If i only have one window and no server and not recording i can get 900fps