[Let's Play] Survival Island

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  1. So upon seeing lots of Lets Plays on the Forums I decided to share my most recent series Survival Island! Please Note if there is a lack of an Episode I am still making this series so it should be out in a day or so!

    Also constructive critism is welcome here.
  2. NOTCH world seed if you want a different island
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  3. Thanks if I ever do a season 2 I may use that seed :D
    EDIT: More episodes here :D

  4. Ok In about 10 hours expect Episode 2 :D
  5. Ok Episode 2 is done recording it should be up after I come back from school!
  6. Do you use a mic?
  7. Yep although my computer is stuffed so I get an annoying noise :(
  8. Ok episode 2 is up :D
  9. Ok Episode 3 is up sorry bout the delay I have been having interet issues :/
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  10. Ok Episode 4 is now up as well :D
  11. Episode 5 is out but thumbnails are being Buggy :/
  12. Episode 6 is up but I have reached the embedded limit :/
  13. How else would he record his voice :p
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  14. Add links ;)
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  15. But are we not to lazy to click a link ;)
  16. You can just do It through the computer speakers, I use to do that
  17. Episode 7 is up now as well!
  18. Then the speakers you have, if you are actually recording your voice, have a mic built in...
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  19. I know a seed for a bigger island:abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz :p anyways, your series are pretty nice:)
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  20. Yep I used to use that then I got a Headset
    Thanks :D

    EDIT: Due to me being busy today no Video today sorry Bout' the that :(