Lets have an AMA

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  1. Because I'm bored.

    1. Ask questions
    2 ?????
    3. Answers
  2. Do you think I am pretty?
  3. How did you find the server?
  4. Sexy

    To be completely honest, I forget..
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  5. If you had to give advice to new players what would it be ?
  6. Make some friends, Minecraft is far better to play with friends.
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  7. Where have you been lately? Will you ever fully return? Just how legit are you?
  8. 1. Hanging out with Copherfield
    2. Probably
    3. Yes
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  9. 1. You silly submissive sheep.
    2. Yay!
    3. I believe it. :p
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  11. How many slimes does it take to kill you when you have a wooden sword and leather armor?
  12. why did you build this when there were larger and/or fancier houses nearby?

  13. Now kiss.
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