Let's get something straight...

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  1. I have no alts (yet). Anyone's names other than shyguytheGamer1 are not my accounts, they are other people's accounts. Since shyguy's are going down the drain I did quit so they changed their name for nothing. I will get an alt soon, and a contest held by me to guess my alt. Winner gets 100K, should be here either by the end of November or the year! Anyways just this post to inform everyone that I have only 1 account. >_>
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  2. Nice try. :p
  3. No i'm serious, /p them

    GG m8 lol wut 360NOSCOPE420BLAZEIT#SHREKT
  4. Why was every one into Shyguys
  5. We were a group, and they just changed it...It wasn't my command as manager but they did it anyways
  6. Your alt will be Mario I can just feel it
  7. Not even close m8
  8. I pretended to be the alt of Hashhog because it was thought out and I thought we could convince people, along with one major thing: it was done with my approval. I do not appreciate that you are pretending to be my alt, regardless of whether this is a joke or not.
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  9. I'm not convinced.
  10. That was a joke?
  11. Huh?
  12. Shyguy removed the part DJ was talking about :p
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  13. So i wouldn't get backlash, and what penguin said :p
  14. I know, but for some people it looks like DJ was ranting about something not there :p
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  15. OutgoingguytheGamer
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