Leo's Puzzle is now open.

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  1. /v 3546

    only need 1 ticket, must be purchased before you win.

    70,000r prize to first winner

    have fun
  2. Really
    really wish I could get on right now :(
  3. Players almost to stage 2! hurry!
  4. multiple players at stage 2! who elese wants to play>???
  5. People are so close to the prize...
  6. This is so funny LOL
  7. ...
  8. D: your torturing players with puzzles without me there D:
    Anyways Leo should come to one of my maze events. It's very entertaining*evil grin
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  9. Dwight, this is so finny i may have u trumpted lol
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  10. Am recording the last stage
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  11. :D awesome
    Does it beat a maze with no walls?
  12. why o why did that maze have no walls -_- most frustrating thing ever xD lol
  13. try it, 3546 ;p
  14. I will if still opened tonight when i get back from class. 10pm cst
  15. A horrible good maze, telepads, buttons, even a parcour!
    I nearly made it, but when I wanted to open the door, I had pushed the wrong button (50% chance of hitting the correct one).

    We spent about an hour or maybe even 2, and worked together as a team.
    Unfortunately, one player was egoistic enough to sabotage other players, and he won.

    I truly apologise for any mean things I might have said towards unnamed player, or anything in general.

    I also want to thank the players who DID work as a team, as THEY are what makes EMC a special place.

    Also, Leowaste will now be known as the Trollking. He almost made me cry like a little kiddy, just by having such a genious maze/puzzle.

    Thanks for the teamwork and the event, qwerty189, qwertyip, b4dman5imon, nole972, m4nic_m1ner and leowaste.
    You are home on EMC.
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  16. That's sometimes how games and competitions turn out, remember he was competing with you.
  17. blood was so close, just stairing at the prize.....lol
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  18. :( was supposed to be a fun game for all :(
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  19. So is the prize still available?
    Edit: Never mind, I see the signs. Here's a picture of a puzzle:
  20. As a Rubik's cuber, I want to solve that, very much.
    Fastest time for a 3x3x3 was under 30 seconds, I've figured out all my cubes on my own, and I really want something like that.
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