Leo's International Trade Hub Now open

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  1. Long awaited update for res 3456 on SMP2.

    What will you find there?

    -Total rebuild using four residences to make one shop.
    -Enhanced trading system for Diamonds, Iron, Gold, Emeralds, Wood and more!
    --Enhanced trading system includes use of Stock Status lights above each chest!
    -Home buttons at the end of each item block
    -Primary focus on primary items. No more "Super Mall" with every little thing in MC. Now I want to focus on the main items that can be used to make almost anything in MC.

    Soon to come?

    -Super secret add-on that will bring enjoyment and frustration to the community. (eta 2-3 weeks)
    -Special area for brewing, crafting etc

    So come one, and come all to SMP2, /v 3456

    Please, use this topic to comment on likes/dislikes or suggestions.

  2. Sweet. Going now

    Great shop. Just gained about 6k from him.
  3. What do people do the reserved thingy?
  4. If I have to post a followup to add-on that i want to use 1st reply for
  5. When will you empty the Sandstone chests? I have quite a lot of Sandstone I need to offload. Perhaps you'd like to buy some in bulk?
  6. Nice design man!
  7. I won't empty them, if they are full, they are full until someone buys them out.
  8. ty!
  9. What if they never get bought out? What if they remain high above market prices forever?
  10. They are full for a reason.