Legit Park (SMP6, 12914)

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  1. Legit Park is my first building project on EMC. I'm building this on my second res which I had when I was Gold. As we know, SMP6 is never really busy, and no one talks about it much, so I decided, why not have a landmark or something for SMP6? I know it wont be the best park ever, but its just to help make SMP6 a little better. I will post progress on here.

    What I've got so far.

    This will most likely take a bit to make, but you can help speed it up by donating, if you wish. I will not accept rupees, i'll let you keep those. :) I will need.

    Normal planks
    Smooth Stone
    Bone Meal
    Oak and Birch saplings
    More to come as I need it.

    Feel free to stop by at anytime! :)
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  2. omg hax
    because it's legit park ;)
  3. I'll check it out, my res is in smp6 too. :)
  4. More has been added!

    I have added a shop with a garden. The shop sells Wheat, melon, and pumpkin seeds. I have also added some trees and made the small river circle around the two bridges. Looks a lot more full.
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  5. Added a new building, The hall of staff!

    *AKA, my excuse to have mods come to my res...*

    So far, there is one block in the building.

    *Forever alone*