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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ttyler333, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Its been a nice run playing with you fellow EMCer's. Wokeup this morning with a Perm ban. With that, I plan to leave emc for good. Thanks for helping me out and playing with me. Building nice things was always fun as well..

    What was lost:
    Diamond Voucher
    3 Gold vouchers
    3 variations of krysyy heads
    Many other staff heads
    200k Rupees.

    Time: 130 days

    Honorable mentions:
    The many others who made EMC fun.

    P.S. Don't forget my username, you may see me around elsewhere.

    *** Staff Edit ***
    User has been banned from the website for harassing us.
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  2. I'm definitely sad to see you go. It's been nice seeing you around the forums.
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  3. See ya buddy, I'm sorry you had to go this way. You will be missed...
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  4. Sad to see you go, it was nice seeing/talking to you on smp1. :(
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  5. Never really talked to you before but I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours!
  6. Oh man, what a bummer - and sad to see my Orange Krysyy head vanish.
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  7. I know, thats probably the biggest thing I was worried about :p
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  8. Yeah... My Alt has been through the same Permanent Ban process, and I know how it must feel to be banned unexpectedly from one of your favorite servers. Even if it's not one of your favorite servers.
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  9. It does suck and there is frustration for putting 130 days, almost all of which ive been on atleast 8 hours. However, their decisions, however much i disagree and however much ifeel i was not wrong, they still got the final rule. Fortunately I am able to reply to yalls in the forums and say goodbyes. :D
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  10. Whyd u get permbaned
  11. Sad to see you go, While I never knew you Personally. I hope you have Good Luck in the Future, and maybe one day Return...
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  12. Well, Im sad to see you go... still shouldn't of used them accounts though.
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  13. I didn't that is why i am upset about the ban but they won't look past 1 incident. Thats their decision. Still remain that i am innocent though.
  14. Find out who banned you and appeal.
  15. So sad to see you go :( will miss you! It's a shame you got banned with all those vouchers and rare heads.
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  16. Already tried, pretty sure it was aikar, and the appeal didn't workout. Got mad told them to keep the account basically. If i am falsely accused, of course i will be mad. However i do understand what aikar said and with that there is no hope in trying to appeal. Either way, this is not for public discussion and would rather keep it on the down low. But at least As i said, i can say bye to fellow emc friends.

    Edit: Thanks guys for the goodbyes :). I tried 3 different servers today and none of them have a community like EMC. None of them welcomed me, and they just didn't feel right. So for now, looks like minecraft itself is on hold. But, I am programming a new website and now I got zero distractions :)
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  17. Sorry to see you go. I believe I've talked to you exactly one time in the past and that was just yesterday.
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  18. By the way i hereby appoint unovawarriorx and killerwolfgirl mutual owners of my outpost. I will post this for dramanya to see as well.
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  19. Wait wait.. Comprimised accounts?
    What does that mean? Are alts illegal or something?
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