Leaving emc (for now)

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  1. Hello empire.

    I have decided to leave emc for a while.
    School has been back in session for a little over a month.
    And between homework, chores, and such I don't have much time to play emc.

    On top of all that I just need to spend some time working on getting good grades this year, sorting out all the drama people have made, and working on my social skills.

    This doesn't mean I will be gone forever, I will log in often to prevent being derlict, and check forums daily. It might be while before I'll be back in game, but I won't be gone forever, and that's a promise.

    Thanks to everyone on the empire for making this an Very Awesome Summer, I hope to see you all when I return :)
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  2. Well, it was a good summer while it lasted.
    Make sure you check in regularly with SMP3 so we don't miss you too much.
    I hope to see you back again soon. :)

    I am sure that you will achieve whatever you set out to do this year, and if at latest, hope to see you back in the summer.

    I look forward to the new memories that will be made when you come back.
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  3. Awww chespy, I'll miss you. But it sounds like you have a very full plate to deal with. I want to say thanks for being there for me and showing me the ropes. If there's any big events that happen on emc, you can always count on me if you need help again ^_^
    I hope you have an awesome school year and male as many friends there as you have here!

    Stay cool! Or else.... lol ^_^v

    See ya soon
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  4. Nooooo! Why.. You are the third to last member I remember on smp3. Other Survivors: Gage9942, Stagger77

    Awesome! I hope you come back when you have summer again. :)
    Homework is pretty tough for me to, especially this year. :confused:
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  5. NUU chesnub! We will vote for you!
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