Learning my way around Twitch, any suggestions?

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  1. Ok So my husband has JUST started streaming the games he plays on Xbox One *and PC. And he's put me in charge of creating his image... Alrighty then!

    I have an account on twitch so I can save my username in the event I start to stream in the future. But that's the extent of my knowledge...

    So I'm sending out a little call for help to my EMC Fam ^_^ Where do I start? I downloaded GIMP to make him some custom avatars and banners (I've never photo-shopped anything in my life fyi..)

    He thankfully filled out the about me section
    Aaaand that's about it! >_<

    But his Twitch username is Lottle_lazy So if anyone has any suggestions I would really, really appreciate it!!

    p.s. he likes the idea of a sloth holding an xbox one controller as his "mascot" I guess you could call it :p hoping to start there and work my way up


    Gonna place this here as incentive for myself, and advertisement for anyone else interested in streaming. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-stream-team-is-under-new-management.62158/
  2. I followed BTW, and watching right now, lol.
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  3. Thanks ever so much shy!!

    He's got me moderating and working on his banner design at the same time along with nooblet needing me so sorry I'm juggling more then I'm used too lol
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  4. I see the main problem.

    He doesn't mention you that much in his bio. There should be at least a paragraph in there!
  5. The best way I've seen Twitch profiles designed is using panels - where you create one template, and then reuse it for each image, which keeps the channel's branding pretty strong. I think Twitch uses a 3 wide grid, but you'd probably want to Google and check the dimensions for each image.

    Decide on a colour and stick to it. Use it on absolutely everything. Avatar, cover photos, panel headers, BRB screens, stream offline messages. Everything. It makes everything look so much nicer. :D
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  6. Lol why thank you StoneSky *^_^* I will mention that oversight to him :p
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  7. Perfect! Thank you very very much Jack! This is exactly what I need to know! I'm thinking a black, green, and blue color scheme (pretty much got the idea from our computer towers and their LED lights :p )

    All this time I have working on his twitch stream, by the time I start mine it will look pretty slick lol (totally not the master plan bwahaha)
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  8. He's streaming now! ^_^ anyone want to check it out for us and give us some feedback? pretty please? <3 *^_^*
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  9. I am so happy, I got music played :D
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  10. lol me too <3 I think we have the !commands list setup now so you can see what you can do as far as interacting on the stream like adding songs, seeing the next song that will play. I'm trying to get him to include the "hot potato" game I saw on another channel once... not sure how yet :p
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  11. Streaming Division Beta Now!
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  12. Channel is live now! We found out from the last time that the playback video is muted if you have youtube music in the background. So music this time. So much to learn still >_<
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  13. This is so awesome Kytula!! Thank you and to everyone who's chiming in. I know nothing and I mean nothing about any of that stuff but this is a very nice way to learn. :D wooo! hooo!
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  14. Thanks crystal! and again to everyone who's helped out too! I've downloaded the art/photshop like, program GIMP to make the banners, buttons, and profile images for his profile page. Lottle is taking care of the hardware side of things, such as the capture card and webcam. He's streaming exclusively from his Xbox One at the moment, so idk if he will do any streams of pc games in the future.

    He's actually streaming again now for the last day of the Division Beta if anyone wants to hop on his channel and say hi :p

    (I might edit the OP at some point in the future with all the bullet points of info I've learned for quick reference)
  15. Question: I'm wanting to get into making a " CLR browser gif creation" for lottle's afk screen. But have no idea what to use or even where to start. Anyone out there java savvy even who could point me in the right direction?

    *He wants a sloth wearing 3D glasses slowly eating popcorn.
  16. Bump!

    Oh also :p He's streaming now if you want to stop by and say hi!
  17. Stopping by right...NOW!
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  18. can i get some 1G's in chat
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  19. Yay! I think we got the green screen effect working correctly now! stop by the stream and tell us what you think?

    So we went to the fabric store and bought a "Neon" green fabric to hang over a portable clothing rod. Fiddled around with both the camera and obs settings and ended up not having to buy studio grade lighting after all (sigh of relief)

    So far this part of setting his stream up seems to be the most aggravating. We can't spring for anything expensive and have to kinda make do. So I think we might have found away to make it work :D
  20. So he's streaming now with improved lighting and a new mic/headset that came in today. Stop by now and tell us what you think?

    Maybe once we have his setup and done we can get mine going! I should be getting my first webcam in the mail soon :p