League Of Legends?

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  1. Hey, im looking for anyone that plays league of legends (EU west server) that would like to team up and play.but if your or interested or your on a different server here is a question: what is your favorite Character?
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  2. Charmander is my favorite character!

    ohwait wrong game -.-
  3. Pyro they kill fast and deal damage easy! :D

    EDIT: Wrong game too! xD dont play it although have it on both USA + UK Servers
  4. although different subject i like charmander too :D
  5. why did you used to play it?
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  6. Yeah but then got bored of it, I may play it again if you want i'm loading it back up after the 3 day download xD
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  7. lol i cant go on for 2 days XD how much did you used to play it?
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  8. Once :D Its updating and why cant you play?
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  9. I prefer DOTA, however, if anybody's wondering, I do play LoL :p
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  10. im away for the weekend

    do you like the game or just find it boring?
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  11. I like it, I just find DOTA better.
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  12. DOTA?
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  13. DOTA looks like a copy of LOL, if it is, is it the same kind of format in game, the one map for pvp (no twisted trails) if so i might give it a look?
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  14. DOTA came out long before LoL.
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  15. sorry im confused,
    from what i see lol looks a lot more developed so i assumed it came out before,
    so did LOL copy DOTA then, they have all the same champion kind of thing going etc.
    but i think i will defiantly give it a look out when i get back home.

    So whats better about DOTA in your mind? is there more varety in it?
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  16. DOTA 1 is a mod, which is why LoL looks more developed. DOTA 2 is an actual game, and IMO, looks much more developed than LoL as Valve is making it. The original DOTA developers are IceFrog (who worked on it more than the other than the other guy) and Steve Guinsoo Freak. IceFrog joined Valve in 2010 to make DOTA 2. DOTA was originally released as a Warcraft III map, made with the WarCraft level editor, in 2003. It then became a mod when IceFrog took over.

    I like DOTA because they constantly release new characters and maps for users to play, and is alot more fun than LoL.

    DOTA 2 is FTP and will be released in the coming weeks/months.

    FYI, LoL was released on October 27th 2009.
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  17. LoL's style of gameplay is FAR from original. While DOTA is one, HoN is even another, even more can be listed. Just like WoW is not an original concept either. These games always have a precedence, because the first versions are rarely popular. You see this in all manners of games. I have played some LoL, although I remember nothing about it. I played more HoN, and never got into DOTA. But I love my video games. LoL was just more successful with marketing/advertising than the DOTA mod before it.
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  19. Bigger teams and bigger maps.