Last day of being 13 - Year Overview + AMA

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  1. I made one of these last year, and I will again :p So if you would like to go and ask me questions, go ahead and do so. But there's going to be a text wall here for my overview of the year which you can read if you want :3


    I turned 13 on the 10th May 2013. As far as I can remember, i'd chucked a load of bad eggs out of my life a few weeks before and things were going well. As December hit, I began to encounter problems in my life that turned the whole year upside down. I lost three friends, two of which I basically revolved my school-day around. I moved onto a group of people I was friends with, and got involved with a much bigger group in doing so. Their sense of humor is completely different and its took me over 5 months to even begin to adjust to it... but things are going well right now :p

    My grades, throughout the past year, have been slipping. But i'm finally making a bit more effort into schoolwork and I think I can successfully say they're going back up, which is good since the next two years of my life are going to be revolving around these.

    I also got my first 'good' phone the other day as a birthday present. I'm not getting anything but money tomorrow, which I will pre-order WatchDogs with and also buy Assassin's Creed IV with (I just finished AC3 :3).

    I'm leaving the age of 13 with an ear infection and beginning the age of 14 with an ear infection. OMG ITS STARTED SO WELL ALREADY.

    As with last year...
    Since Matt Smith was '13 year old me' last year, I have to leave this here;

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  2. What was your favorite part about your first teen year?
  3. Hm...
    I think it has to be the 'power' I have now over adults. I mean, like, previously, I had no say in what my parents did or wanted to do, but over the past few months they have trusted me to speak my views (and sometimes I get very angry when they disagree :oops:) on the things that go on within our house, so that's good, I guess :p
  4. well, your lucky, i don't really get to speak out against what my parents want. Well, I do, but get shot down or in trouble immediately.
  5. Also, things I want to do within the next year;
    • Start a Youtube channel!
    • Begin making Machinimas and Let's Plays!
    • Get a new computer!
    • Stuff!
  6. what exactly are machinimas?
  7. A short *99% of the time* movie filmed within a video game :3
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  8. You sicken me. 14 years old is so....old. 13 is where it's at.
  9. Nah, 14 is a good age. As a 14 year old I can make it look like i've been playing EMC for three years by saying;
    "I've been playing EMC since I was 11, and now i'm 14".
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  10. nurp
    12 is where it's at
    13's too
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  11. Never thought of it like that, lol. :p
  12. I don't know if you've said it before, but why did you choose for this name?
  13. SoulPunisher is an alternative name for the 'Stardust Breaker' move in Dragon Ball Z. I will be changing my name ASAP when name changing comes out :p
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  14. Aww, but your name is pretty good though. :p
  15. But every time my mum hears that name she makes a remark about it :p
  16. Ok, 10 questions?

    1. Why?
    2. Is the answer to the above 41?
    3. How about 42?
    4. Is the question actually "the answer to life, the universe and everything?"
    5. Does anyone know the question to the answer?
    6. Should I learn Skript?
    7. Why don't you learn java?
    8. Should I get you a java book for your birthday?
    9. Why do you complain about me being "rich" when you're getting more for your birthday than I get for Christmas and birthday combined?
    10. Can I have more questions?

    Enjoy :D
  17. I. Potesne hoc legere? Si potes, quod nomen verum tibi est?
    II. Have you ever fiddled with redstone extensively before?
    III. Fire or Water?
    IV. Are you embracing your second year of being a teenager? :p
    V. What do you typically do outside of school?
    VI. Xbox or PlayStation?
    VII. Halo or COD? (If you haven't played either, you can skip this one)
    VIII. How many valence electrons does the element oxygen have?
    IX. Would you agree that the majority of my questions are unoriginal?
    X. Solve for x: 28/x = 2
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